Happy end of June! This weekend, we celebrated with our twins as they turned 4. I can’t even believe that my littlest babes are now four years old. Time flies! Since we were combining a boy/girl party, I wanted something that they were both into, and something that I could make neutral. Baby Shark Birthday for the win!

Check out these great party ideas for your next Baby Shark Birthday, Under the Sea birthday, beach birthday, and more! Food, decor...

I am sharing all of the ideas with you that I used for our party. You could also use these ideas for a mermaid birthday, under the sea (check out ours here), a beach party… the food ideas are great for all of those things especially.

All of the kids there, in a range of ages, loved the theme which made it so much more fun!

Baby Shark Birthday Ideas


This is one of my favorite parts about throwing parties. I absolutely love matching the food with the theme, because there are so many things you can do with it.

Shark Watermelon- I got the tutorial here, and just added in whatever fruit we wanted to use.

Check out these great party ideas for your next Baby Shark Birthday, Under the Sea birthday, beach birthday, and more! Food, decor...

Food Stirs Donuts– These would be perfect for any of the party themes I mentioned above. I love that they are rainbow-colored, and the ingredient deck is awesome.

I also got these custom cookies from Dulce Num Nums, local here in Richmond. How cute are they?

Other Foods-

  • Seaweed spirals- Twizzlers
  • Life Preservers- Donuts
  • Great White Jello Cups- Gummy Sharks
  • Shark Bait- Swedish Fish
  • Fish Food- Gummy Worms
  • Shark Teeth- Cheese Triangles or Bugles Chips
  • Fishing Poles- Veggie Straws and Pretzel Sticks
  • Coral Reef- Veggie Tray
  • Shark- Melon (See above)



All of the paper goods for this party were created by Pueo Graphics. I am obsessed with how they turned out.

Visit their Etsy Shop Here for more adorable ideas. 

The shark fins were so great on a ton of things. I used them as cupcake toppers and the jello cups as well.

She also created the tags and such for our gift bags, which were little surfboard with a shark bite out of them.

I also ordered a couple of things on Amazon, that really completed the party theme (and also came in a matter of days, win!).


We went with a slip-n-slide and a bounce house for this party. It was great for the kids to hang outside, while the parents were watching or inside, and it kept them occupied.

We even got my little man a pair of these Baby Shark Swimtrunks.


This one is easy. There is a literally a “baby shark” playlist on Spotify that has everything from the original version, to a trap/club mix. Ridiculous, I know, but a big hit for the kids!

What are your favorite ideas on the list for throwing a baby shark birthday? Are your kids into the baby shark song right now?

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*Cheers to another birthday in the books*