Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of chatting with a writer named Helen. She is a fantastic lady with all sorts of wonderful articles like this one, perfect for moms and parents.

She came up with this really helpful post for parents to use around this time of year.

Here are some really great tips on baby-proofing your home for the holiday season.

baby-proofing for the holidays

Baby Proof Christmas

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Along with the joy and happiness of the festive season, Christmas also brings a new set of baby proofing challenges to your home. Lets explore ways in which you can keep your little one safe over the holiday period.

The Christmas Tree

Setting up a Christmas tree is a tradition that brings joy and excitement to children worldwide. With just a few simple adjustments, it is easy to make your Christmas tree child friendly.

Choose a flat location to set up your Christmas tree and give the tree a shake to
ensure it is sturdy and wont topple over easily. The last thing you want is for the tree to fall and crush your curious child.

If your Christmas tree is a little on the wobbly side, use bricks or other heavy
items to help weigh down the base.

It may surprise you to learn that Christmas trees are a fire hazard.  Fresh Christmas trees, especially as they get older and dry out are especially flammable. Ensure that you set your Christmas tree up far away from all sorts of
heat, such as fireplaces, radiators and vents.

Ornaments and decorations

Without decorations a Christmas tree would just be a plain old tree. Despite their
beautiful looks, they hide many dangers.

Steer clear of ornaments that contain small parts that your child could choke on.
Some decorations contain small parts such as Styrofoam balls, sequins and push pins.  These can easily end up in your child’s mouth.

Avoid using glass or other easily breakable decorations.  If these ornaments fall
and shatter not only do they make a mess but can also injure your child. Stick to
plastic decorations until the kids are older.

Many decorations hang off the tree using sharp metal hooks. These hooks can
easily puncture your child’s skin or worse, be swallowed. Instead, choose
ornaments that hang off a loop of string.

It goes without saying that you should avoid any ornaments that resemble food.
Your little one will already put just about anything in his mouth, you don’t want
to encourage the behavior.

Some parents still insist on using lit candles on their tree.  There is absolutely no
need to do this and poses a serious fire risk. Not only do artificial lights come in a
huge variety of colors and designs but are much safer too.

With Christmas lights come vast lengths of wires. Avoid running wires over places that are commonly walked over as you are just asking for someone to trip and fall. Use masking tape to secure long wires to the baseboard or floors.

While holly and ivy can help bring that festive feeling to the inside of your house,
these plants are incredibly toxic to your baby. If holly is a must for your household, stick to the plastic imitation variety while your kids are young.

If you have a young baby, avoid the use of tinsel. Tinsel has a bad habit of dropping tiny metal flakes that can easily end up in the mouth of a curious child.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without presents. Believe it or not, presents also need to be baby proofed.

While ribbons and bows may look nice, keep them off the presents that you intend to give you young children. A small child can easily be come tangled.

On Christmas day, be wary of the toys that elder children receive. Toys designed for older kids often contain small parts that present a choking hazard to a baby.

Once the presents have been opened, clear up all traces of wrapping paper and ribbon that could easily end up in your little ones mouth.

One last thing…

With these safety precautions taken care of, there is just one thing left to do. Walk around and look at all the Christmas decorations you have added from your child’s point of view.

Get down on all fours and look for hazards that are not visible when you are standing. Things like hanging cords and ornaments that are within easy reach will quickly become apparent from your new point of view.

Need more baby-proofing tips? Check out The Parent Guide to Baby Proofing Everything.

-Helen Cunningham

Thank you so much to Helen for sharing these helpful tips!

*Cheers to keeping the holidays safe and sound*

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