Last week, my family and I took a trip down to my old stomping grounds at ASU Tempe for the Night of the Open Door Event. I love that we can events like this that are happening all around the Valley using the Sun Devil Rewards App. This was such a fun, family orientated event, and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

An overview of the Night of the Open Door event at ASU, and all of the details you need to know about the Sun Devil Rewards App. Plus a bonus!*This post was sponsored by Sun Devil Rewards. All opinions in this post are my own and, as always, 100% honest.

Night of the Open Door at ASU

I have never had a chance to attend a Night of the Open Door event prior to this one, so I was glad that we got to take all four of my children with us. They had a big portion of the campus set up for the event, with different booths set up inside and outside of each of the buildings that coincided with what the focus of that area was. For instance, they had robotics, space booths, and sustainability set up at the engineering building. The older girls got to watch an underwater robot game that some of the students had created.

They had other areas where the kids could go and explore different minerals, a 3D viewing theater, and an area where the booths were sharing all about space and space travel. 

They offered a book with a map and information about all of the activities, along with an area where the kids could collect stamps from each of the buildings when they completed certain activities. When they got all three, they got a prize. My children are all about scavenger hunts, so this made it extra fun for them.

I loved getting to watch their little minds work at all of the different stations. They go to try liquid nitrogen ice cream, created a super hero to help clean up an oil spill, pretend to go to space, and so many more great activities. We brought home a bunch of their creations to enjoy:) Their favorite take home was, of course, the glow sticks! 

Sun Devil Rewards App

Events like Night of the Open Door can all be found conveniently and quickly using the Sun Devil Rewards app, right from your phone or tablet. Even if you aren’t an ASU alumni or student… or affiliated with the school in any way, you can download the Sun Devil Rewards appThis app gives you all the information you need for what is happening at ASU and around the rest of the Phoenix area. If gives you easy access to different types of events like sporting events, events for foodies, family fun, and more.

For instance, as a mom of four, I always want to know what is happening around the Valley for families and for kids. On the app, you can search “for kids” and instantly you will access to all of the events in the app that are in the Phoenix area. This helps you to plan your outings quickly and it’s all in one place! No more googling and trying to find random events to take your family too. 

This app is especially great for moms who are looking for fun ways to get their kids more involved in the community and exposed to new subjects, extracurricular activities, and to college. Even if you have young children, like I do, there is no time like the present to get your children involved in preparatory activities for their school years. As you saw above, ours had so much fun at the Night of the Open Door event at ASU, and my oldest is only four! 

Thanks to the app, we can find activities like this with the touch of a button. Another bonus, you can earn rewards for things you do on the app and redeem them for so many fun items! Use my “Secret Word” LOVEARIZONA , when you download the app to redeem 400 Pitchforks.

In addition to using this code, you will also redeem 50 points when registering on the app, and another 50 for linking all your social accounts. The lowest-valued item on the app is 500 Pitchforks, so you will already be qualified to get something just like that! You can download the app for yourself here.

What rewards items are you trying to get from the app? Are you an ASU alumni? 

*Here’s to finding local events at the touch of a button, and winning free stuff while you’re at it*

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