February did not even exist around here… I cannot believe that we are already into March and getting ready for the weeks of Spring Break! Because of the crazy winter weather that is happening everywhere still, AZ has always been a popular destination for a getaway during this time of the year. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite Arizona Spring Break ideas from places I have been, as well as places that I would still love to visit around there area.

Heading to Arizona for Spring Break this year? Check out these ideas for some fabulous Arizona spring break adventures and fun, family friendly and adults only ideas.

There are a ton of warm-weather activities around this area, which is what makes it such a popular spring break spot. What are your top 5 places to go for Spring Break? Tell us in the comments!

Arizona Spring Break Ideas

  1. Spring Training: This is the more family-friendly option out of the bunch, because you can take your kids and sit in the benches or the lawn and just really enjoy the game. There are a so many games that happen during the months of March and April, so there are plenty of opportunities to check out a game or two during Spring Break. I love that there are things for the kids to enjoy there, and also tons for adults (beers, hello!). Here is the schedule for spring training.
  2. Vegas, Duh.: We are seriously so close to Las Vegas, so if you came up here for Spring Break and then wanted to drive there for a few days, it would be perfect. I have written tons of posts on our Vegas trips, like this post about Liquid Pool Lounge (ideal for spring breakers) and about Vegas necessities as well. I love the amount of activities there are to do there, and you could take your children if you really wanted it to be a family affair. The pool scene is probably my favorite if you are headed there for a party scene. It is always fun, and we are headed there in just a few weeks to celebrate my bestie getting married! Yes, right during the middle of Spring break. Darren, the marketing host that always takes care of my Vegas reservations for me is the best! He checked on us multiple times to make sure that everything was going well and the reservation process was super fast and easy. If you are looking for pool reservations or any help with night life fun in Vegas, contact Darren!You can email him here: dberg@liquidpoollv.com

    Or shoot him a text: 702 816 6875

    You can find out more about Liquid on their Facebook page as well. 

  3. Lake Havasu: This is 100% not child-friendly. I have been to Lake Havasu for Spring Break in the past, and it was a lot of fun, but it is a college getaway for Spring Break, and the crowd follows suite. I would say this is the ideal Arizona Spring Break idea for young couples, college age, or parents who are kid free and really looking to let loose during Spring Break. The lake itself is gorgeous, and there are options where you can stay somewhat away from the gigantic party scene that goes on there.
  4. Staycation: If you live in Arizona already, go for a staycation! Mountain Shadows is one of my favorite local resorts, and I love the serene location. You can do anything from swim, to golf, to enjoy some amazing food. You can read more about our stay at Mountain Shadows Resort here. Check out this link for even more fabulous Arizona Spring Break resorts

If you are looking for even more family focused ideas with little ones, check out these summer activities for kids in Arizona.

*Cheers to getting out of town, or experiencing something new this spring break*