Let’s get one thing out in the open before I start this review… I am not afraid to highlight. Actually, I LIVE for a good glow on the face. If I look like sunlight is just reflecting off of my face like strobe beams, I have accomplished my highlight goals. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits have just exploded all over the place, and there are now 5 in the collection (I believe).

A full review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit collections. Review, swatches, photos and an honest opinion.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits

The first two are the original that ABH came out with. One of them, That Glow, is more warm toned and golden, and the other, Gleam, is more cool toned and pink.

Before we get into the details of these kits, or highlight palettes, let me give you a run down on both of them combined. There are four different shades in each kit, ranging from light to medium shades. They each go for $40 on Macys.com.

I have not run into any difference in quality between either of these kits. All of the powders in them or very smooth, soft, and easy to apply. They do not have large chunks or glitter in them, although some have more of a shimmer than other colors in the kits.

As I said earlier, That Glow is the more warm-toned of the two kits, while Gleam is the more cool-toned kit.

That Glow:

ABH that glow

This warm, golden highlight kit contains four shades: Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly, and Dripping in Gold. (Swatched from left to right as listed)


Sunburst is a very bright, yellow highlight that would be beautiful on fair skin tones. I can only use this with a light hand because it looks extremely yellow on my skin. The pigmentation is amazing thought. You could also use this as an inner corner highlight to really brighten up the eyes.

Golden Bronze is just that, a warm bronze shade. This one I can only use to warm up my complexion, not as an actual highlight. But, it will be gorgeous in the summer months to do just that and will give your skin a beautiful bronzed glow. This one does have quite a bit of bronze-gold shimmer to it.

Bubbly and Dripping in Gold are very similar, in my opinion. Bubbly is supposed to be the more champagne, slightly more pink colored of the two while Dripping in Gold is said to be more gold. I like to combine them for my perfect highlight and it is stunning. Swatched next to one another though, you can just barely tell the difference.

This kit is my favorite of the two purely because I love warm tones. The color payoff in all of them is amazing and the colors are gorgeous. They apply really nicely on the skin. However, my favorite highlight of all time is in the next kit.


ABH gleam

This kit contains the shades: Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, and Crushed Pearl (Again, swatched as listed from left to right).


Hard Candy is a medium peach pink which almost a duo chrome effect. When you look at it in different lights, it tends to look more bright pink or more peach. It’s a beautiful shade, but one that I don’t get a ton of use out of unless I use it as a blush topper. I do think that you could make this into a gorgeous eyeshadow though!

Mimosa is a very peach shade with some light orangey gold shimmer to it. Again, a very shimmery shade that I don’t find myself getting a ton of use out of. This would make a great summer blush for medium to deep skin tones.

Starburst is a baby pink highlight. This color looks gorgeous on top of the cheekbones with a cool toned eye look. It is a very intense color.

Crushed Pearl is my favorite color out of all 8 of the powders in these two kits. It is a beautiful pearl highlight with a hint of pink. This looks amazing on its own, on the top of another highlight to give it more life, on the lid… it is just a gorgeous color.

Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills:

This kit is the newest to my collection and my favorite so far! I am absolutely in love with the colors and the formula.

The colors are:

Kitty Kat – Pink with a platinum reflect
Forever Young – Pink pearl with a silver reflect
Daydream – Coral with a white gold reflect
Forever Lit – Platinum with a lavender reflect
Glo Getter – Champagne with a rose reflect
143 – Rose gold with a bronze reflect

My favorite colors out of this palette are Forever Lit, because it takes any highlight to the next level, and Kitty Kat, because I don’t have any other peachy pink highlight like it.

143 and DayDream are a little glittery, in my opinion, but those are colors that I would use more as an eyeshadow anyway. The other shades have some glitter but it almost disappears when you apply it to your face.

I wish there was a more cool toned shade in this palette, aside from Forever Lit, maybe with a mauve or cool tone-pink undertone. That would give it a touch more variety. Check out more on this palette here. 

My one small complaints about all of these kits is that the longevity of the powders is not terribly long. They do last throughout the day if I set my face with a makeup setting spray. I have found that if I take a damp makeup sponge and lightly tap on the top of these powders after applying them, this helps them to sink into the skin and last longer as well as look less powdery.

They also lend themselves more towards fair-medium skin tones. There is one, maybe two, colors in each that could work on deep skin tones really well, but not all of the colors would be great for extremely fair or extremely deep skin toned beauties. The collab with Nicole Guerriero does have Forever Lit, which is perfect for even the fairest of skin tones. 143 in that palette could be great for medium-deep as well.

Overall, these are gorgeous kits. Perfect as we head into spring and summer months! If you love a good highlight, I highly suggest checking them out.

What are your favorite colors out of these kits?

*Cheers to getting “that highlight though” glow*

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