I made it!!! It is officially the end of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I am sharing my final results, thoughts, and comments on this entire process.

There were two phases to this challenge, the cleanse phase and then the MAX phase. I’ll also be giving you the run down of what each of these consisted of and a little peak into what my diet and fitness routines have been like since the start of this.

A mom of four shares her advocare 24 day challenge results

If you want to read about the process from beginning to end, here is the very first post at the start of the challenge and the halfway check in.

*The products in this post were sent to me in exchange for my honest thought and review. Some information on the products was taken from the Advocare website*

advocate 24 day challenge results

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results

So, just to give you a little background on me and my body type: I am 5’7 with a pretty curvy build. Starting this challenge, I had about 5 inches that I wanted to lose around my waist and about 15 pounds of excess that I wanted to take care of.

The Cleanse Phase:

This was by far my favorite part of the challenge. This phase was for days 1-10 and made me feel the best by far. Basically, you are taking in a lot of fiber and nutrients, while completely changing the way that you eat, and flushing your body with tons and tons of water.

During this phase, I cut out all alcohol, salt, sugar, white pasta, white bread, white potatoes, non-complex carbs, fried foods, dairy, and anything processed. I have been eating a ton of protein, like chicken and turkey, eggs, almonds, protein shakes, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of waste and prepare the body for optimal nutrient absorption with its unique blend of herbal ingredients. Each Herbal Cleanse box includes these two key products:  ProBiotic Restore™ capsules and Herbal Cleanse tablets.”
“OmegaPlex® which is a high-quality blend of essential Omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness.* Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone and immune health. “
Fatty Acids are excellent for you anyway, so I loved that this was included in the program. I will also continue to take these on a regular basis.
The Spark drink is one of my favorite products of this entire challenge.” It’s sugar free with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy that won’t overburden or over stimulate your body.” Basically, it gives you a burst of energy without causing you to feel completely over caffeinated. I will continue to use this product, and although my husband didn’t do the challenge with me, he is obsessed with the Spark drink even more so then I am!
I won’t lie… the first few days of this phase were no joke. I had headaches from detoxing, my skin was breaking out from all of the toxins, I was like “this is not going to go well.
But, I felt amazing at the end of the cleanse phase! I want down 6 pounds, felt better then I had in months, and I could actually see a difference in my body. If you wanted to do something that really kickstarted your diet and exercise routine, I would highly recommend the cleanse!

The Max Phase:

This phase in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge is what I will nicely refer to as the “pill” phase, because you get packed full of supplements. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all, because there are a lot of good vitamins in these supplements. But if you don’t do well with pills, this will not be for you.
Your schedule for this phase looks like this:

Before Breakfast Color Packet
Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
ActoTherm SR – 1 caplet
ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra – 1 capsule

Before Lunch Color Packet
Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
BioTherm – 2 capsules

White Packet
CorePlex® – 3 caplets
CardioQ – 1 capsule

White Packet
OmegaPlex® – 2 softgels

Yes. You read that right. That’s every day, for 14 days.

For me, I don’t handle supplements well at all. I don’t even take medicine for headaches normally because I don’t like putting anything like that in my body. I got really shaky and nauseous from a couple of the supplements because they just weren’t for me. Thankfully, my amazing coach gave me an altered schedule that took out a few of the supplements (the format they give nursing moms), and that worked a lot better for me.

The Meal Replacement shakes are something that you are supposed to drink every morning. I wasn’t a fan of these as I already have fresh protein shakes that I make every day and these were a little on the sweet side for me. “Each shake includes 22-24 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbohydrates, 5-6 grams of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals, and 50 percent of the recommended daily allowance of calcium.” The good thing is this program is easy to substitute and change things around. So, I just didn’t use these.

Overall, the MAX phase wasn’t my favorite, but it did provide a lot of good nutrition.

One of the things I will say about this entire thing is the importance of having a good coach. Melissa was amazing! She made sure that everything was going okay, helped me modify when things weren’t sitting well, and was constantly helping us throughout the whole thing!

And now… what I am sure is the most convincing out of this entire post… the results. Keep in mind that this is not even a month worth of work, not to mention I’ve had four babies. So, be nice:)

Real life Advocare 24 Day Challenge results from a mom of four. Photos, details on the challenge, the supplements, and the cleanse itself. Before and after photos of the advocare 24 day challenge results.

My original measurements were: 161 lbs, Chest- 37” Waist- 34” Hips- 41” Thigh-21”

My ending measurements were: 151 lbs, Chest- 36″ Waist-30″ Hips-38″ Thigh-21″

Overall, I really loved this challenge and seeing the advocare 24 day challenge results. I think personally, I got more out of the cleanse phase in terms of body change and lifestyle change, both of which I will continue. My end goal is to be able to entire a physique competition within the next few months. I have a lot of work ahead by I am really loving every minute of it. I have found a lot of joy in exercise and taking care of my body. Through the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I have gained a lot of muscle tone throughout this, and I only intend on gaining more. I’m super excited to start on a pretty strict eating plan and working with a trainer.

My partner/sister-in-law that did this challenge with me had this to say:

“My main goal in starting this challenge was to improve my overall health and to develop a healthy lifestyle that I’ve always wanted but never have pushed myself to actually do. I accomplished that goal and learned a few tricks on the way thanks to Melissa & Advocare. My favorite part of the challenge was the “cleanse phase”. I felt incredible in this phase and felt my personal peak occurred  within the last few days of the cleanse. During the “max phase” however, I felt as if my body sort of plateaued off. That being said, I will definitely begin seasonally participating in the “cleanse phase” and will remain loyal to my delicious Spark 🙂

Her starting measurements were: Chest-40″, Waist-37″, Hips”-39″, Thigh- 19″

Her ending measurements were: She lost 9 pounds total, Chest- 40″, Waist- 36″, Hips-38″, Thigh- 17″

Thank you again to Melissa for helping us through this. She was absolutely amazing!!! If you’re looking to try any of these products, make sure to contact her:) You can also use her Advocare link to order products.

Melissa Lockert:

Phone: 303-945-0877


For more information on this challenge, check out the Advocare YouTube video here.

What do you think? Will you be trying out this challenge or any of the products listed?

*Cheers to healthy bodies and reaching personal health goals*

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