When you think of “parenthood”, “motherhood”, or “fatherhood”, what comes to mind? I can tell you from personal experience, there is much more involved in it then I had ever dreamed there would be. In light of it being back to school time and trying to introduce my oldest to the way that letters make up words, I thought I would create an adult-style ABC that tells that wonderfully crazy story of the life of a parent. What would you add to the ABC’s of Parenthood list?

What is Parenthood: ABC’s of Parenthood

A- Alone time. Wait, what is that? It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what it means.

B- Busy. Being a parent is a never ending job that will constantly keep you on your toes and will never leave you without something that needs to get done.

C- Cleaning. Nothing will ever be perfectly clean again no matter how hard you try. Obsessive cleaners out there like me, I feel your pain. You get used to it… kind of.

D- Doubt. We all doubt ourselves as a parent at some point, but you get through it. Your kids love you no matter what.

E- Emotions. Some that I didn’t even know I had and some that grew by leaps and bounds.

F- Food. Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Teenagers… they all eat SO much and SO often. Its slightly unbelievable.

G- Gray Hair. Ladies, you had better learn to cuddle up to that hair dye because kids will give you gray hairs much earlier in life… Guys, it can happen to you too! Just ask my husband:)

H- Hard. PARENTING IS HARD. No one can prepare you for all the ups and downs that we go through as parents. Hard? That’s an understatement. Are they worth it? Absolutely. Read this post on not feeling cut out for parenting… because we have all been there. 

I- Insanity. I know I am not the only parent out there that has times where you literally think you might be losing it.

J- Joy. Nothing else has to be said about the happiness children bring. 

K- Kisses. Lots and lots of kisses. Steal as many as you can when they are little because you’ll get fewer and fewer as they get older.

L- Love. This is the best and greatest letter of them all! It is a kind of love like none any person could ever know and it comes in endless amounts.

M- Money. Kids are the most expensive thing that ever existed, but they are worth every, single cent!

N- No! This will become one of the most used words in your vocabulary.

O- Opinions. You will get the thoughts and comments of every person around you on the way they think you should parent. Stick to your guns and do what you think is best for YOUR kids.

P- Poop. Yep, I said it. There will be plenty of this in all forms that you will encounter as a parent. Be ready. (Look for a personal story on this tomorrow, you won’t want to miss it!)

Q- Quick. Kids grow up so much faster then anyone can realize and the moments you spend with them are priceless. Here are some of my own ideas for taking an adult “time out” and enjoying your kids.

R- Rewarding. There isn’t any feeling like having a child and watching them grow and learn and become such a special human being.

S- Smiles, yours as well as there’s. Kids will always find a way to make you smile even through times of anger:)

T- Temper Tantrums… the most frustrating phase to get through as a parent, especially if your child takes after your attitude. (I’ll be the first to admit that one! I talk about how I handle them here)

U- Understanding. This and patience become things that we as parents use at least 100 times a day.

V- Valuable. Your children will be the most important thing in your life. Parents will do anything to take care of and protect the most precious and priceless thing that they have, their children.

W- Worry. Where are they? What’s in their mouth? What are they doing with that sharp object? Are they peeing on the floor? This will never go away completely, the questions just change as they grow.

X- X-Rated time with your significant other may seem disappear at some points in your life… mostly due to the next point. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun:) Here are some tips for spicing up date night

Y- You will be tired. For about this first, oh, 4 years, you probably won’t get much sleep. If you do, it won’t be alone! You will probably have at least one child in your bed EVERY.SINGLE. NIGHT. Here are some tips for trying to transition from crib to toddler bed, and hopefully out of your bed too!

Z- Zoo. This is what a home with kids in feels like at times. Crazy, loud, messy, but so much fun!

Now we know our ABC’s. Tell me what you think of these:)


*Cheers to the parent life, from A-Z*