As moms, we lead very different lives. Although we might all seem to do the same things in taking care of kids all day, what that consists of looks different for everyone. A day in the life of a mom, if you put it together in photograph, would look completely different than a day in the life of another mom. A sweet friend of mine gave me the idea to put these days all together in a post, so that we could really see the variety of lives that moms lead.

What does a day in the life of a mom look like? Get a glimpse into the lives of 5 different moms, leading 5 different lives.

This post is meant to inspire, to build up, and to help us all see that there is no room to judge, only to love and support. Mom’s don’t have it easy. I wrote a post a while ago about when I stopped enjoying motherhood, and I look back on that now with a little bit of a release to see just how far up I’ve come. Our jobs are some of the best that there are, but they are also the most challenging and trying on every part of our being.

Here is a day in the life of 6 different mom’s, who lead totally different lives, but who are all just trying to keep it together for their families, and for themselves.

A Day In The Life Of A Mom

You all know me by now I hope;) I am a SAH/WAHM of four little ones, and I work as a blogger (duh). This picture is pretty much the theme of our life: Chaos mixed with pure joy.

With four little ones, a day in our life is crazy. It is the same routine over and over again, which can be totally exhausting and depleting. We do breakfast, take one to school, come home and clean, play, eat lunch, nap, clean more, go in timeout, dinner, bath, clean, and sleep. Every. Single. Day. I love my children, more than anything in this entire world. The constant routine can make me feel like I am going crazy at times, but it also keeps my sane after long weeks when we have been off of it. My kids are full of energy, and I am full of love for them, even on my most exhausted of days.

Amy: Amy is a SAH/WAHM of one, who spends her time baking fabulous cakes and hanging out with her little one.

Real life picture of last weekend. Binki’s & Spatulas. Kind has a ring to it, don’t ya think? As I am over here working 9 hours and rushing home to put together some sort of no-bake dish and arriving 10 minutes late to pretty much every where… Man, times have changed. Between trying to juggle between breakfast, diaper, cartoon, nummy num (aka SNACK MOM!) bath, play, and whatever else life can throw at you, not to mention any social time with friends, staying home and starting a business isn’t as easy as I once thought it was going to be. I can truly now swallow my own words, because being a SAHM IS truly the Hardest Job I have ever had. Blue frosting for the win.

(P.S. Amy is the one that makes all of our AMAZING cakes at our kids birthdays, like the Under The Sea Birthday we had last weekend.)

Sam: Sam is a SAHM of 2, step mom to 3, with a grand baby, and spends her time running kids all over to things like football practice.

A typical day in my house is hanging laundry. It never ends. But, hanging it saves money! Load after load…. day after day. We also take care of not only the five kids that are running around my house, but also the pigs, goats, chickens, and ducks.  All of my kids are in school, and they all have places to be ALL OF THE TIME. We spend our weekends at birthday parties and football games. 

Andrea from The Correa Mommy DiariesAndrea is a mom of two, who spends her time in the workforce outside of the home, and blogging. 

Let me start off by saying – Motherhood is hard work for all of us! But, it is my absolute favorite thing !! I LOVE being a mom!!  For me lately a typical day starts around 5/6 depending on which schedule I am on for that day!! Lately I have been having trouble with balance. Especially while trying to find the balance between having a family, blogging, my job that is away from the home & some well-deserved “me time.” !! It’s hard. I feel like with everything my days are like 16 plus hour work days. Hahah… both of my Handsome boys are in school. One is in all day and the other is in 3 Days a week for half days. They wake up at about 630/645 am everyday and get up for showers!  We do all drop offs & then depending on the day, I go to work or I come home & work on my blog, Instagram & emails etc! 

I will clean while the kids are away, work, have girl time, grocery shop or try to get some dinner going for the night. Then I have pick up for my youngest at 11. We usually go to the park or do something fun after school. It’s nice to spend one on one time with him. Around 3 it’s pick up for Mr. Reg! We pick him up & then head home. We do snack time, chat about our days, maybe watch a tv show & do play time for about a hour. Around 4/430 We do homework & then get ready for sports ! We usually have sports in the evening or different activities depending on the day. We have dinner time around 6/630! I love cooking, so I always try to cook. But it’s been harder lately with learning the balance! 

Remember you are all wonderful mamas and you got this!! Just do you and love those littles ! Xoxo Andrea Maya @correamommydiaries

Kanoe: Kanoe is a career mom of two, who works as an elementary school teacher.

It was a typical day in the middle of my Fall Break. My husband-to-be was at work, my son was with his father, and my baby girl was taking a morning nap. It was a rare quiet moment for me and I had every intention of sitting, relaxing, and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or Madam Secretary. Then I saw sissy’s overflowing toy basket, which curiously enough included some kitchen utensils, her brother’s toys, and a remote control. So, I decided to just clear it out “real quick.” The next thing I knew, I was going through all of the toys in the house, sorting them, cleaning them, and tossing everything that was broken. It is difficult to keep it organized all of the time, so about once a month I go through an intense cleaning and organizing spurt like this one. Don’t get me wrong… I most definitely take some “me time” here and there, especially at my fiance’s urging, but sometimes I have to take my precious quiet moments to clean up and feel organized around the house so that when other types of chaos in my life occur, I can take comfort in one part of my life being in order… for now anyway.

These ladies are all amazing, and all tough mama’s in their own right. While they are all very different in personality, lifestyle, and parenting styles, we all have one thing in common: we live everyday to be the best moms that we can with what we have been given. It looks different for everyone, but a day in the life of a mom will never look exactly the same for all moms.

What does a day in the life of a mom look like for you, personally? I would love to read about them in the comments!

*Cheers to all of the mamas out there, just taking it one day at a time*