Why are these twins almost a year old already? I’m are sitting over here at 9 months postpartum already, just watching them grow up before my eyes.

We are all at a really good point now and the twins are just growing and changing like crazy.

9 months postpartum

9 Months Postpartum

Can it be real??? Have I finally hit the point where I am starting to feel totally myself again?

After all of these months of doctors appointments, feeling like nothing was ever going to be the same again, and thinking that this was just NOT what I signed up for… it’s finally starting to feel like we are living life again.

I pretty much have a clean bill of health, aside from the iron deficiency that I was chatting about in last months update. That will probably be an ongoing issue until I get my fibroid taken care of, but that is just being put on hold now. I’m just not ready for another surgery after finally getting back to normal.

My anxiety still comes and goes, but talking to a counselor has really helped both my husband and myself. You may or may not know that I am in the end stages of my Masters in Professional Counseling. While I am obviously a huge believer in it, I have never been one to seek out counseling for myself. It’s actually been helping a lot in many different aspects, and I am really thankful that we decided to start going recently.

Mom life with four little ones has been nothing but an adventure. After 9 months, you would think that I have it all together but… no. Not even close. It’s totally worth it though:)

Twins at 9 Months Old

twins at 9 months

The twins are doing so well. They are growing and getting huge! I am amazed at just how big they are and how much they learn everyday. Neither of them sleep through the night still… so that’s not so amazing. But, hopefully that will just continue to get better as they keep growing.

Both of them are responding to their names now, and they are starting to play with their older sister’s more which is so much fun to watch! They are both very intrigued by their surroundings and have both said “mama” and “dada”… “Dada” being first for birth. My husband was really glad about that since “mama” was the first for both of our older girls. Oliver has also started to say “baba” for bottle.

Our little Annabelle is such a spitfire! That little firecracker is the smallest inside, but that the loudest of any of our children. I think she just wants to make her presence known (and boy, is it!). She is weighing about 19 pounds and is actually getting some rolls on her! This is huge from when she was a newborn and was having a ton of issues gaining weight.

She eats all the time now, and loves having real food over a bottle any day. Her grasp and strength are both getting much better, as she was struggling there for a little while. She is crawling all over and actually starting to pull herself up on things to stand. She is trying to cut some teeth, but one bumps so far.

Oliver is just my sweet little mama’s boy. I love that chunky little man! He is just growing away, weighing about  He is not quite a fan of regular food still unless it’s fruit or sweeter veggies, but we are getting there. He is starting to walk along things while holding on and has ventured to let go a few times. I would imagine that he will be walking really soon! He has two little teeth and is trying to get more right now, and that toothy little grin has just stolen my heart even more!

They are both into everything, and we have to really keep them corralled in one area because they are just moving all over and trying to put anything and everything into their mouth. It keeps me active for sure!

I am looking forward to these next few months before they turn 1 to see how much they will grow and change.

*Here’s to growing babies that are already pushing a year old*

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