If you aren’t new around here, of if you are new and just read the title of this site, you would know that I have a SERIOUS love for wine.

I’ve been thinking a little bit about what it really takes to be on the level of a serious wino. I’m pretty proud that I have reached such a level.

Here are some of the “must haves” that you will need if you are serious about your love of wine.

8 things you need if you love wine

8 Things You Need if You Love Wine

  1. Monthly Wine Club Membership: This is a must. Gold Medal Wine Club sends out two new bottles of wine each month right to your door. They have tons of different wine varieties, regions of wine, and levels of membership.
  2. Wine Fridge: I never knew how much I needed a wine fridge, until I got one. I did a complete review on the New Air wine cooler (click to read review) which I absolutely love. If you like to stock up on wine sales, entertain, or just keep a stash for yourself, this will come in handy. While I would personally love a total wine cellar, this will do for now:)
  3. An Aerator: Again, something that is great for those types of really good wine that need to breathe before you drink them. I love the one that I found online at Uncommon Goods, that is actually something you can pour your wine into, let it breathe, and then serve straight from there.
  4. A re-corking device: You need something for those wine bottles that you can’t finish… although who doesn’t finish a bottle of wine when they open it? My husband picked up one for use over the holidays, and while I have only used it once, I really love that the wine doesn’t go bad and the device duplicates the act of the wine never being opened in the first place.
  5. Zaca Recovery Chewables: Okay, you may have just read this and thought, “So gimmicky…”. I thought the same thing when I was sent these. Basically, you take two chewables every couple of drinks, whenever you feel like you need them. I put these to the ultimate test on my brother-in-laws 21st birthday. I took two after the first few, and then two more in the morning. These may not cure it all after a night of drinking, but they help tremendously! You can also use these for exercise recovery or traveling as well. 8 things you need if you love wine IMG_9380
  6. A favorite wine: Everyone needs a favorite white or red (or both) wine that you can always use as your go-to when you need something to serve for company, bring to a dinner party, use as a gift, or drink a few bottles glasses after a long day. You can read about my favorite red wine of all time here.
  7. Cork Storage: Everyone needs a place to showcase all of the wine that they’ve had. If you search Pinterest, you can find thousands of ideas on what to do with your corks. While I would love for someone else to make me a table made out of wine corks, this mama does not have time for that. Instead, I go for an easy and cute frame to hold mine. I got mine as a gift for and it’s from Bed Bath & Beyond, but I’m sure they have similar on Amazon. SAVE WATER DRINK WINE
  8. A Wine Bag: If you want to reach the level of “Master Wino”, then you need to be serious about your wine drinking habits. This means, being able to take wine with you wherever you go, but in a way that people won’t judge you for walking around with a wine bottle. I mean, I would never judge you for that, but some people might. Check out this Wine Sack. 20023_medsWhat would you say are your necessities when it comes to being an avid wine drinker?

*Cheers to being a wino, and proud of it*

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