6 Retro Trends Coming Back this Winter

Fashion is cyclical so, for better or worse, some trends refuse to go away (we’re talking to you, high-waisted pants). Either way, though, it’s interesting to watch trends return over and over but in slightly new and more modern ways. Sometimes it’s great and other times it’s an abomination but it’s up to you to decide where you fall on many of these styles. Wondering what’s making its return? Read on for six retro trends that are coming back this winter and place your order soon.

  1. They’re Baaaaack (Overalls, That Is)

Did you hold on to your old pair of overalls from the ‘80s and then the ‘90s and, well, you know, so on and so on? They refuse to go away and, while you might cringe a bit hearing this, they are, indeed, back. On the bright side, this slimmer, tailored version of overalls (pants; not shorts) are the height of cool. Pair them with a fitted tank top, a cool pair of booties, and a suede hoodie jacket for a look that says casual yet cool. Those who don’t do denim will love that they’ll be seeing these in black as well. While they’re perfect for dressing down, you can also dress them up with the right accessories.

  1. Polarized Sunglasses

We’re not sure why polarized sunglasses ever go out of fashion, as they reduce glare, protect eyes, and help with depth perception. Perhaps it’s because some companies have polarized options that are not stylish on top of being functional and, let’s face it—we all want to look good in our shades. Thankfully, you can get a pair of polarized sunglasses from MVMT that is equal parts fashionable and functional.

  1. Leather Jackets

Much like denim, leather jackets never really go out of style altogether. They return every year but in different ways, and this year there are many trends returning for this old faithful of fashion. Colors are big, taking us beyond the basic browns and blacks. Red is probably the most popular this year, and is there anything hotter than a fitted red leather jacket? We think not. Thank you, Michael Jackson. Zippers and studs are also prevalent as is writing on the jacket. This winter also brings us a cropped fit, so you might not be able to rock this look on the coldest days!

  1. Light Denim

Denim is here to stay but this year is seeing the return of lighter colors. Put those dark jeans away (for now), as it’s now all about vintage. Faded washes that go from light blue to indigo are huge but, thankfully, acid-washed is taking it a step too far. Let’s hope that trend never returns except for the rare ‘80s hair band concerts. In a nod to the ‘70s, jeans with patches and unfinished hems are back as well. 

  1. Cold-Shoulder Blouses and Sweaters

You might have noticed that pretty much your entire summer wardrobe was missing a key component—the shoulders. And while it probably felt good during the summer, this might not be as welcome as a returning trend during the cold winter months. It’s back and going strong so you might want to invest in some warm shoes and hats. Pair an oversized cold-shoulder blouse or sweater with fitted jeans and a stylish pair of boots for a look that’s righteous and retro.

  1. Viva la Velvet

Thankfully, it’s not all about cheesy crushed velvet smoking jackets. This luxurious material is seen in velvet glam in dresses and blazers. What’s even more appealing is that the color it’s most often seen in is a gorgeous emerald green, so it’s hard to go wrong with this. Velvet accessories are also huge, so don’t be afraid to bring back that velvet purse that’s been gathering dust in your closet.

We sure wish some trends would be banned from the world of eternal fashion but, more than likely, many of these things will return over and over for years. Thankfully, some of these trends are welcome, especially when they return with a modern flair. Dare to try any of the trends off this list this winter and you’ll be looking oh-so-retro-chic.