If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation, you’ve likely been faced with many decisions: which surgeon to choose, what type of implants you prefer, and what size implants to get, among others. But one choice that deserves equally thoughtful consideration is when to have your surgery.

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6 Reasons Breast Augmentation in Early Fall is a Good Idea

Planning the time of your surgery will depend on many factors, including your general health (Are you healthy enough for surgery?), your weight (Is your weight stable?), and your mental readiness (Are you prepared for physical and emotional changes after surgery?). And while breast augmentation can technically be performed at any time of year, having your procedure in early fall has many benefits. Here’s why:

  • It’s good recovery weather.

Cooler fall temps call for dressing in layers, which allows you to easily conceal any post-surgery garments or scarring, and keep the results of your surgery discrete while you are healing. It’s also a time when pools close and people shift from outdoor to indoor activities, so you won’t suffer from FOMO.

  • The kids are back in school.

Breast augmentation requires about 6 weeks of downtime, and that means lots of rest and relaxation. But not all of your recovery will be spent at home. According to the website of Rao Plastic Surgery, which offers breast augmentation in Tucson, you’ll only need to take around 5–7 days off work. With the kids in school and out of your hair, you’ll be better able to spend your much-needed recovery time relaxing.

  • You’ll be healed up in time for the holidays.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to having your breast augmentation in the fall is that you’ll be able to reveal the new you at family gatherings and holiday festivities. Whether it’s a company party, night out at the ballet, or New Year’s Eve celebration, you’ll feel confident with your new curves. Breast implants typically take a few weeks to “settle,” so by the time the holidays roll around, you’ll be looking your best.

  • You’ll have long weekends for extra recovery time.

If you choose to have your procedure before Labor Day weekend or Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of a nice long weekend to recuperate without using your vacation time. And because most companies will be closed, you’ll likely be able to wrangle your spouse, friend or family member for help.

  • It forces you to relax.

When you are recovering from surgery, you are physically limited in what you can do. You can’t lift heavy weights, engage in strenuous exercise, or really overexert yourself in general. This can actually be therapeutic by forcing you to take time for yourself, which many women struggle with. For some, it’s a nice reprieve before the upcoming holiday frenzy.

  • You’ll get a head start on your summer bod.

For the first few months after breast augmentation surgery, many surgeons advise against sun exposure  because sunlight can make scarring worse. But by next summer, your scars should be fairly (if not completely) healed, so you won’t have to worry about protecting your incisions from the sun.

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