To begin with, I am going to put in a little disclaimer for those that haven’t read my post on this topic: Let’s hope this is better than the book and the film… not that I have read or seen either.

However, any time there is a new wine out there, I can’t help but try it! This particular red blend is new to me and I haven’t seen it around the stores until very recently. It could be because I don’t get out much because of my four young children…

…hence why I need the wine.

50 shades of grey wine

Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin

This red blend is a Petite Syrah out of California. The 50 Shades of Grey Red Satin sells for around $16 a bottle.

Smell: Actually quite inviting. Really sweet notes, almost like a chocolate covered cherry if that had a distinguishable scent to it.

Taste: Not really flavored strongly in any particular area. The beginning, body, and finish are all fairly similar in tastes. Sweet but has the bite of a fresh berry in combination. Slightly dry, oaky finish, which an almost bitter aftertaste.

I was not overly impressed with the flavor profile of this wine. While the taste itself was enjoyable, there wasn’t many levels of flavor and it was very one note, not to mention the unfavorable aftertaste that I got from it. It is very smooth though, which is a plus side to this particular wine.

Those that like simple wines that are just light in flavor and easy to drink quickly, I would say that this is a wine for you!

I would give this a 3/5 for my personal tastes. Not terrible, but not the best either.

Side Note: I will be starting research on a post I want to put together that lists various wines from around the country that people love. If there is a wine that comes out of the state you live in or near you that you absolutely recommend, please list it below!

*Cheers to 50 shades of red… blend*

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