We all go through those period in life where everything seems overwhelming. Currently, being a stay at home/work at home is going that to me. It has been a very overwhelming and difficult period for me, and have really needed to work on some of these tips for staying positive when I have been feeling overwhelmed.

I shared this article about when I stopped enjoying motherhood again, and it has quickly become relevant for me in this season of life. I also chatted a little on my facebook page (check out the post here) about my feelings about motherhood these days, and how it is not for the faint of heart.

These 5 tips for staying positive when you are feeling overwhelmed as a mom have really helped me work through the weight I have been feeling lately, and it was important to share them because I know I am not alone in these feelings.

5 Tips For Staying Positive

  1. Find something that you enjoy doing for yourself. This has become extremely important to me as mom, trying to navigate and rediscover myself in motherhood (which is what we are all about around here!). I love blogging and working out , and those are things that I thoroughly enjoy doing. It is difficult sometimes to find the time to do them when you are feeling negatively or the kids are in a season where they need your attention every minute of every day. It is really important to take the time or MAKE the time for yourself! Self care people. Self. Care. Always.
  2. If you need help, get help. For your own sanity, and for the sake of your kids, if you need help once, twice, or five days a week so that you can maintain your positivity and you sanity, do it. Hiring a nanny once a week during the day, and once in the evenings, is the best choice I have made as a mom. It gives me an entire day to knock some work out and get some things done without the kids. When I get home I am feel like I am in such a better mood and just refreshed. Plus, the next few days I don’t feel like I am as overwhelmed and stressed out with work or errands because I had so much time to get them done for myself.
  3. Try breaking routine. GASP! I know as moms we live for our routine. But, sometimes that can get some mundane in the day-to-day, and we can actually get stuck in a negative spiral of negative emotions if we are only constantly doing the same exact thing. I am a very routine person, and breaking that seems like a cardinal sin for me. However, the other day I complete broke routine and did a little bit of step 4 below, and it was such a necessary change! We went out, went to Target… because that solves any problem… went to the library, went to lunch, just me and 3/4 littles. It was so nice and I think the kids really appreciate a change in schedule and in scenery for a little while.
  4. Let go for a minute. I have to say this because I have the worst time doing it, but I know it’s a necessity. The house doesn’t have to be spotless. You don’t have to follow your kids around and clean up after them every minutes (yes, I am that mom). You can wait to put away the laundry. Just let go for a minute, breath, and try to enjoy the time when you stopped doing all of the things, and just soaked up a moment of laughter with your kiddos or by yourself.
  5. Share your feelings. Listen, I am the WORST when it comes to talking about how I am feeling. However, I will say that talking about all of the emotions I am feeling, and how motherhood is going in this season of life, really helps me to release some of the burden and the weight. I shared about it on social media, and got such positive feedback from other mamas who are feeling the same way that I am. Also, having it out with my husband (oh yes, we fight), about the way I have been feeling and coming up with some solutions to help change the way that things are going, and how we can turn those negative/overwhelmed feelings into positive feelings was a game change.

What are some other tips for staying positive when you are feeling overwhelmed that you would like to share with our community of lovelies? Put them in the comments below:)

*Cheers to admitting that it is okay not to be okay, and doing something about it*