I started this website to really share about the journey of rediscovery after motherhood. Becoming a mom years ago really changed the way that I saw myself and to be honest, it has been a tough road. At this point, I have four wonderful babies and the journey of rediscovery has been an ongoing thing, as I am sure it is for most moms out there. Today, I wanted to share 5 ways to find yourself again after motherhood that have really helped me over the years.The journey of finding yourself after motherhood can be difficult. I am sharing 5 ways to find yourself again after motherhood that have helped me after having four children, all close in age.

Everyone finds themselves in different ways after becoming a parent. Some truly find their identity in motherhood because it causes them to grow up and change so much. Other people feel like they lose themselves completely because motherhood is an all-consuming thing (an amazing one, but still).

4 Ways To Find Yourself Again After Motherhood

  1. Self care is key: If I could give one tip only, it would be to acknowledge the fact that you need self-care. It is so important to take some time for yourself, take a breather away from your kids, and just have a minute to breath. As a new or first-time mom, it might be hard to do so because it sometimes feels like you are neglecting or abandoning your new addition. But, even an hour on your own (even in the same house) can be life changing as far as your mental state and sanity are concerned. Check out these post on Self Care Tips for Moms.
  2. Find something you love to do again: Hobbies and things that you are passionate about, other than your children, can really help you remember things that you used to enjoy before motherhood. For me, it was blogging, and it has been for almost 3 years now. I feel in love with blogging and the community built around being a “social media influencer” and have never looked back. It has helped me gain confidence I never knew I had, remember things I used to love about myself before motherhood, and so much more.
  3. Don’t forget your spouse/partner: Having someone next to you during the journey of motherhood is so crucial. Everyone needs help and support after becoming a parent, and your spouse can really help you identify and remember the things about yourself and your relationship that were there before you had children. I know that my husband has really helped me to learn to love my post-baby body and mentality. If you’re a single parent, rely on your best friend for these things! Here are some ways to spice up date night if you want some fun ideas and 10 things I have learned about marriage since having children.
  4. Accept the season of motherhood you are in currently: Whether you are a brand new mom with a newborn, or a seasoned mom with multiple children of all ages, accept and learn to love that season. I have found that with each season of motherhood, I change as my children change. Not only do I have to relearn the stages they are going through, but they also teach me so much about myself during those seasons. Grow with your children and within yourself instead of trying to remain stuck in your old self.

Whichever side of the line you fall on, whether that is finding yourself after motherhood or IN motherhood, know that you’re not alone in it. Look at these 5 moms and how different a day in the life is for each of us. Hopefully these tips on ways to find yourself after motherhood help in some way:)

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*Cheers to all of the mamas out there just trying to find themselves again*