Style trends come and go, and with them your wardrobe has surely seen some serious transformations. Some trends drop out of sight for a few years, only to come back in full force (looking at you, chokers), while others die and will probably stay six feet underground. You never really know. For instance, you might look at a photo of yourself as far back as 10 years ago and think, “I would still wear that.” While you might see a photo of yourself from as early as a week ago and think, “What in the world was I thinking?!” If you want to keep the former instance from happening, you should work very specific wardrobe staples into rotation. These four wardrobe staples you should own are those classic pieces that not only never really go out of style, but they can be adapted into future trends seamlessly.

*This article was written by Holly Tomlinson.

4 Wardrobe Staples You Should Own

The Perfect T-Shirt

The perfect t-shirt can be paired with just about anything, from pencil skirts and overalls to skinny jeans and denim shorts. Wear it tucked in or loose, roll the sleeves up or tie the bottom at the side – the options are pretty vast. Though it might seem easy, finding the perfect t-shirt can be pretty difficult. You want it to drape in just the right way, so it gives off an effortlessly cool vibe, all while being super soft and comfortable. It is best to get a couple different colors and prints to give yourself a few options, such as a plain white style and some graphic tees. With the latter option, choose a print that will always fit in with your interests. For instance, you might not always love the current hot television show of the month, but you will always love where you came from. Opting to represent your home state is a great idea. From Orange County? Get some California shirts, so everyone knows you are just as laid back as your wardrobe.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

No one likes to go shopping for pants or jeans. Whatever size you wear, shopping for the perfect pair of jeans is a strange form of self-inflicted torture that we all have to go through at some point. As hard as it can be, once you find the right pair, your wardrobe will thank you for it. Take your time when you look, because the right fit and wash will make a massive difference (whether you are looking for skinny jeans or bellbottoms – though we recommend getting the former if you’re going for a timeless look). Consider what areas you want to accentuate and what areas you want help with. For instance, if your legs are on the shorter side, look for a pair of jeans with a high waist. Not only will they look more retro, they will also give the illusion of longer legs.

The Perfect Sweater

No matter where you live or how much the weather may or may not fluctuate, the perfect sweater is a goldmine – especially when you pair it with that perfect pair of jeans you just scored. Opt for a light-weight style, as it will be perfect for those transition months when the summer heat starts tapering off. When full-on winter starts up, you can easily layer the sweater with tops underneath and a nice coat on top. For a chic office look, pull the sweater on over a collared blouse and pair them with some women’s tailored pants for a smooth look.

The Perfect Shoes

Shoes can be tough to nail down, especially since whether or not you wear them is dependent on so many factors. What is the weather like? Do you want your toes exposed (meaning, when is the last time you had a pedicure?)? How long will you be on your feet? What fabric and color will you wear the most? The list goes on and on. But the one style that seems to be the most classic and enduring is the basic black pump. Reliable and versatile, this style can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a sexy cocktail dress. They work with any color outfit and come in a variety of heel styles. We suggest opting for a standard closed-toe pump that has a heel width and height that you would feel comfortable walking five blocks in—check out Steve Madden.