And the countdown continues… At this point, every time I go in for an appointment it almost seems like my OB or midwife are surprised to see me there. I guess it’s typical for many twin moms to deliver between 34-37 weeks rather than 39-40 like singleton pregnancies. I say, let them stay there as long as they can!

Saying that I am “36 weeks pregnant with twins” still doesn’t make me feel like I am going to have two babies in the next week or two! To be honest, until I am holding them both, it probably won’t really sink in.

twin pregnancy 35 weeks

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Genders and Names: Boy/Girl, Di/Di Fraternal Twins named Oliver and Annabelle:) You can read more about the reasons behind their names and pictures of the big surprise in our Gender Reveal.

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 36th week now and from my appointment with the OB last Wednesday, I have gained around 31 pounds total. Grow babies, grow!

Labor Signs: There has been some pressure and some slight cramping/mild contractions but nothing serious:)

Sleep: I have been having very restless nights of tossing and turning. I will go a few days with little sleep and then just crash really hard one night. Insomnia is in full swing!

Food Cravings: Smoothies are still my go-to when I don’t want to eat anything else. I also really love cottage cheese and pineapple.

Food Aversions: Food and I just aren’t friends. Most likely this is because my stomach doesn’t have much room in there.

Symptoms: I can tell that the babies are trying to move down more since our little man is not in my rib cage as much as he used to be. That, and the fact that I have to pee every 20 minutes. There is also A LOT of stretching happening in my stomach region. Thankfully, I only have two new, tiny stretch marks from these babies but it feels like there should be a lot more. I don’t really know how much more I can stretch outwards.

Clothing: At this point, it’s a miracle that I even wear clothes anymore. Not that maternity things don’t fit me, but they sure aren’t flattering in my eyes. I guess that’s what happens when you are nearing the end:) Clothes are overrated anyway…

Exciting Moments: It’s exciting to say that we will meet our babies this month, pretty much anytime after next week is the “complete safe zone” for their size and development. It is great to hear all of the praise from my OB and midwife about how the babies are a great size, how well I am doing physically, how I am “so good at growing babies”, how I am “so put together”… However, the doctor didn’t go how I had hoped this week as both babies were still breech at 35.3 weeks. I have tried everything from moxibustion, to chiropractors using the Webster technique, to really strange positions like a forward-leaning inversion that no one but my family will EVER see me do. While there is a few weeks left to try to get them to turn, the impending decision of what will happen if they don’t is NOT exciting at all. I am down to two more appointments pretty much before some decisions have to be made. We go in for another ultrasound next week and start non-stress tests to make sure that the babies are still doing well and everything is functioning as it should. We also decided to go see a new OB who specializes in delivering breech babies. Hoping that this appointment goes how I hope it will!

Belly update: This might be the last belly update! Who knows?!twin pregnancy timeline19-23 weekstwin belly growthtwin belly growth

35 weeks pregnant with twins

Thoughts from this past week:

  • I shared some of my pregnancy anxieties in a post last week. Since then, I have really just given the whole situation up to God and just tried to accept the fact that whatever He has planned to happen it what’s going to happen. I have also really taken the time to educate myself on what my options are which has helped a little. It has been such a roller coaster of trying to battle the pros and cons of each choice I could make and what is going to be the best decision. All I need right now is some serious prayer to make the right decision.
  • Hoping that this new OB we will be seeing in a few days will have some insight into the situation of the babies being breech and will be able to give us some solid solutions that I can accept more easily.

*Cheers to meeting these babies anytime now*

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