This sponsored article was written as part of the Cyberbullying Avengers campaign. It was designed to help spread awareness to parents and kids about cyberbullying. 

The media has been publishing stories about cyberbullying more often over the last year. This could be because of the sad, and at times even tragic, stories that came as a result of it.

As parents, we have all addressed cyberbullying with our children in one form or another. We tell our kids to tell us when they are being bullied and we tell them that it is not acceptable to bully anyone, whether online or in real life.


Say NO to bullying

This said, there are a few things about this concept that we can take for granted, where we assume that our kids know these things already. The concept of cyberbullying is clearly defined for most of us, but for our kids not everything about this issue is so obvious.

Teensafe, a cell phone monitoring app for kids, created a campaign called Digital Avengers to raise awareness about cyberbullying and to teach kids what they can do about it.

It is so important to teach kids about cyberbullying in order to help them stand up against it. Come be a part of the campaign!What does cyberbullying look like?

Most kids will assume that mean comments are a form of cyberbullying but what about photos or videos making fun of someone? They might assume it is only a silly prank and they will laugh along with others but for the person being made fun of, this is a form of cyberbullying, especially if the person is being made fun of something he or she is sensitive about. Other forms include threats and identity theft.

It is so important to teach kids about cyberbullying in order to help them stand up against it. Come be a part of the campaign!

Ignoring it is still participating

90% of teens who have witnessed cyberbullying have admitted to ignoring it. This is a huge statistic and it shows the apathy most kids have when it is not affecting them directly. Your kids should be taught to take action by reporting the post, not liking it or commenting to stop the online abuse.

Reaching out to the victim could lead them to save a life

The sense of isolation felt by some victims of bullying is tremendous. In some cases, bullying has led to young people committing suicide because they could not endure the torment anymore. Your kids could save a life when they decide to reach out privately to the victim of cyberbullying. It could be a short message on social media or an email. Whatever the medium, reaching out and proving to the victim that he or she is not alone and that there is someone in the world who has recognized their pain is a priceless way of giving someone hope.

*Here’s to helping our children learn bullying*

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