We have officially hit the three-month mark since the birth of our twins! It has been a whirlwind of crazy around our house, but thankfully we have two healthy and happy three-month-old twins.

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Three Months Postpartum

Where do I even begin…

If you have been following my postpartum journey, you know that it has been full of doctors, anxiety, tears, and a lot not knowing. If you haven’t been following, there is a little catch up for you.

This past month has been slightly calmer than the first two, but still crazy. I have shared a lot on this blog aimed towards those dealing with postpartum anxiety or to moms who are trying to navigate through those first few months of new mommy hood. It is a tough calling that moms are placed into.

The doctor’s prognosis’ have been good over the month. Nothing going on with my heart, although I have check-ups every three months just to be cautious. They have found no issues with my reproductive organs, aside from the massive fibroid that they would like to take out. I am still battling with that decision as it would most likely lead to a full hysterectomy.

As far as the rest of the physical stuff, I have finally been able to work out again, post on that next week, and that has really helped. I am about 7 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and am slowly starting to feel like myself again. The lack of abdominal strength after a c-section though is no joke. NO JOKE.

Emotionally, it is still a daily battle. There isn’t anything I have found that compares to the emotional roller coaster that women go through during postpartum. I am not one to take medicine even for a head ache, so I have been going to a naturopathic doctor and finding better ways for me personally to deal with the anxiety and depression. It is an ongoing battle and one that I don’t see an end too anytime soon, but I try to stay positive and thankful for each moment. Yes, even the moments when my children are screaming.

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Twins at Three Months

twins at three monthsThese two… man, am I going to have my hands full. Especially with Oliver, our one and only boy.

Oliver is our little chunky boy. Those cheeks just kill me every time! He weighs over 13 lbs now and is right where he’s supposed to be in terms of height and weight. We had to move him up to size 2 diapers, while his sister is again a size behind him. He loves tummy time, is so strong, rolls himself from front to back and is full of giggles and smiles. There is a unique place in a mom’s heart when it comes to her son I’ve found.

Annabelle is still our dainty little one. She’s a little over 9 pounds and has barely just surpassed the birth weight of our second daughter. It has taken her a little longer to get her strength. She HATES tummy time because she has some stomach issues when it comes to spitting up. She also really likes to be swaddled and cuddled up, not really move and wiggle. It’s been hard for me because I feel like I can play with her brother with a little less worry, where as she is just my little mama still and seems so small and fragile. I know that her strength and weight will come though:)

They are both now completely formula fed… much to my dismay. But, I had to get on some supplements that weren’t recommended when breastfeeding (If you would like more info on these, let me know. They are an alternative to taking prescription medication and are all natural). I made the decision to do so because I wanted to get myself in the right place so that I could be the best for all four of my children. I will say that doing that, knowing that they are my last babies, absolutely broke my heart. I still have moments of tears where I want to just say “forget it” and go back to nursing.

They are both healthy and happy though, which is what matters to me. Although, by the looks of this picture, life with them is going to be an adventure:)

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*Here’s to reaching the three-month mark with some sanity still intact*

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