We have all seen and heard the comments from people who think there are so many things that make you a “bad parent”. Now, while some of those are totally legitimate, none of the things I am listing below constitute you being a “bad mom”. This post is meant to be sarcastic, because guess what. I have done every single one of them, probably more than once. Below are 30 ways you might be a bad mom, from a mom who has been there.

One more time, for clarification, and for those of you who are still thinking, “Who does she think she is saying these make me a bad parent?!” I in no way think that these make you a bad mom. I think they’re ridiculous, and if you’re a “bad mom” for doing them, I sure as heck am too.

We have all done things as parents that we aren't proud of, but who is it for anyone else to judge? Here are 30 ways you might be a bad mom..There is no room for judgement in this parenting thing. Moms have it hard enough as it is, whether they have 1 child or 15. Let’s all practice being a little bit kinder to other moms, and realize that we are all just doing the best that we can.

30 Ways You Might Be A Bad Mom (but not really)

  1. You breastfed too long.
  2. You breastfed not long enough.
  3. You give formula.
  4. You milk the cow yourself and give it to them (okay… I’ve never done this one;))
  5. You give non-organic foods.
  6. You don’t use organic baby products.
  7. You don’t make your baby food at home.
  8. You make your babies bottle with sink water rather than the “special water” in the baby aisle.
  9. You let your kid eat off the floor.
  10. You let your child have sugar before they turn 1.
  11. You have given your child fast food.
  12. You let your kids have too much screen time.
  13. You let them stay up too late… and by that I mean passed 8 pm.
  14. You are too strict with their sleeping schedules.
  15. You co-sleep.
  16. You don’t co-sleep.
  17. You reuse your car seat from one kid to the next.
  18. You gave birth via c-section or with an epidural, or both.
  19. You gave birth in a hospital setting.
  20. You put your kids in daycare/early preschool.
  21. You let them eat white potatoes instead of quinoa.
  22. You wear yoga pants/pajamas when picking them up from school… and you may or may not have brushed your hair that day.
  23. You hate PTA (I haven’t had to deal with this one yet, but I probably will not be a PTA mom. Not that there is anything wrong with that:))
  24. Your house isn’t spotless when adults come over.
  25. You spend too much time on yourself (i.e. You get ready and people see you in makeup in public. FOR SHAME!)
  26. You laugh at your kids when they are pitching a fit… (proof) img_5462
  27. You drink wine when your kids are around.
  28. You don’t drink at all (haven’t you heard that wine is a moms best friend?)
  29. You lie to your kids. (Come on. We have all told them that their annoying toy is broken or hide in the bathroom to eat the last piece of chocolate. )
  30. We lose our patience. (Kids are a handful! It is not expected of you to be Mother Theresa with your kids all of the time. You will yell at them multiple times in their lives.)

So, with that load of BS out of the way, here are three ways that you can be considered a good mom.

  1. Love your children. 
  2. Raise them to be respectful and kind. 
  3. Do the best that YOU can. 

What would you add? Are there any ways you might be a bad mom that I forgot to list?

*Cheers to all of us bad mamas out there. Sending wine your way*

joanna at motherhood and merlot