Thanks for joining me on this adventure through twin pregnancy. This is the second update, you can read the first one here.

twin pregnancy 16 weeks

It is crazy to think that in just over two weeks, I will be at the halfway point in this pregnancy! My midwife and doctor both say that they don’t let twins go over 36-37 weeks, and with the size of the fibroid I have this is going to be a definite timeline. June babies… why does that seem like it’s coming up so quickly?

Ahhhh! So many things that need to get done.

Twin Pregnancy Update: Week 16

These two little ones are now about the size of avocados. Which, if you stick two avocados next to each other, is kind of crazy to think about!

Weight Gain: I am headed into my 17th week now and I’m still around 6 lbs of weight gained. I don’t feel like I’ve been gaining much anywhere else, although my belly is definitely growing. I try not to stress about weight gain and only check when I am at my prenatal visits.

Sleep: Starting to sleep a little bit better, although some nights are much better than others, especially since I have had a teething little one who normally sleeps through the night but hasn’t been doing that lately.

Food Cravings: Still sour, but not as bad. A lot of salty things are starting to be craved as well. I rarely craved pickles with my girls but that seems to be something new this week especially. But they have to be a specific kind… Stick a sweet pickle near me and suffer the consequences;) I also have had a few night cravings for either popcorn or cookies and milk. So random!

Food Aversions: I can’t believe I didn’t put this in my first update because this pregnancy has been FULL of specific food aversions. I can’t stand to eat most types of meat. I can’t even handle/cook raw chicken unless I am just sticking it in the Crock Pot. Even then, eating it is really unappealing. I have never been a red meat-eater at all, so I’ve really had to find some new sources of protein lately.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions at night, but thankfully only like one or two and they are really short… still annoying. My nausea is starting to taper off, HOORAY! But, I am still so exhausted. No new stretch marks besides the few I have from my two other pregnancies! Pregnancy forgetfulness is also starting to take over my life. I have taken to being even more organized and writing EVERYTHING down or else it gets overlooked or forgotten. Darn pregnancy brain… it’s a real struggle. I am also so overwhelmed emotionally. I am not an emotional person normally, but this pregnancy and the anxiety that has come with it is INTENSE. I have also been very short of breath, to the point where I had to go see the doctor after it kept me up all night. The anxiety probably doesn’t help this issue either.

Clothing: I broke out one maternity t-shirt from Target, only because of the length of it. It doesn’t even look like a maternity top, just a plain white tee… so I’m not sure if that really counts. Maternity outfits for the spring post coming soon:)

Exciting Moments: Finally we can hear the heartbeats on doppler, separately. They were too small in past weeks but we heard them clearly this time! No increase in movements but I still feel their little wiggles from time to time. It has been really exciting to me to have a little more energy and a little less sickness, even though both are still hanging around. Counting down the days until our big ultrasound appointment. I am more than excited to find out the genders of these two little ones. Although, I am pretty convinced that we have one of each in there:) I am slightly nervous to meet the new doctor that I have to see along with my midwife. Hopefully our views on delivery and prenatal care are pretty closely aligned.

Belly update: This is the difference between last weeks update at 14-15 weeks and the end of my 16th week. I feel like I can tell a difference, can you? My belly is little bit bigger and a little higher I think.

twin pregnancy 16 weeksThoughts from the past week (lots of anxiety):

  • Will this new doctor be aligned with what we are wanting in terms of this pregnancy and birth plan?
  • Is out big anatomy scan ultrasound going to come out okay? Are the babies going to be healthy?
  • When will I be able to breath again?
  • Prayers are always a must, but they are especially necessary right now because they seem to be the only thing that calms me down in moments of a breakdown.

Are you pregnant? Share your due date below:)

*Here’s to moving right along in this double-trouble pregnancy*

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