One more month… one more and these babies will be a year old! I always say that I have never really known how fast time goes by until I had children. Now, I am sitting here with 11 month old twins

Insert shock and awe. 

11 month old twins11 Months Postpartum

There isn’t much to report on my end. Finally, I have nothing exciting to talk about in this season of postpartum.


I am officially down to my pre-twin pregnancy weight, which feels awesome! It is hard because I am still carrying the weight differently then I was before, mostly due to my fibroid. I still look pregnant thanks to that gigantic thing. I am at the point now where I have finally accepted my emergency c-section and my anxiety is pretty much at bay… pretty much being the key words.

Look for a post soon on natural ways to cope with anxiety:)

I am at a place where I am contemplating going through with the removal of my fibroid, purely because it causes so many issues for me physically.

Aside from that, I have been finishing up on my iron infusions from the anemia that I have had since the twins were born. Fingers crossed that it will be the end of that.

Thank you all for your continued support this past year!

11 Month Old Twins

IMG_1672The twins are doing so well. We all had a stomach bug that went around this month, and the twins got it as well. That was the first time that they have really gotten sick so it was rough. It was only a short two-day bug of some kind, so thankfully it was over quickly. We also had our first family vacation together…

Traveling with four little ones is no joke.

Our little Oliver is walking now and is such a sweet boy. He has so much joy and his laugh is just the best sound in the world. He is getting his 6th tooth in. I am thankful that his teething is coming all at once versus all spread out. He is super active and so full of joy. His toothy grin just melts my heart on a daily basis. He is really into sweet potatoes, carrots, and fruit. He loves his sweet foods:)  Our “chunky man”, as his sister says, is pushing 23 pounds at the moment.

Annabelle is still our little spitfire. If you have ever heard or seen the phrase, “Though she be but little, she is fierce”, that is Annabelle’s motto in life. That little girl is the smallest in size out of her siblings, but she is the loudest! She likes to make sure that she is heard and that everyone knows she is there. I love her little attitude though. Everyone says that’s how they know for sure she is my daughter. When she wants to be sweet though, her cuddles and cheeky grin can just make your day. She is has three bottom teeth right now and the nubs of her two top teeth. Pretty soon, she will catch up to her brother. She isn’t quite walking yet, but pulls herself up on everything and tries to stand on her own. She is a little over 20 pounds right now.

Last month, we had to take her in for an abdominal ultrasound because the pediatrician thought that she might have urinary reflux. Thankfully, it is only a minor case of it and the specialist doesn’t even want to do anything further unless she gets another UTI. That’s my type of doctor, less is better sometimes!

I am getting excited to plan their first birthday, and am so thankful for these four beautiful babies that I have been blessed with. We are in the homestretch of year one!

*Here’s to making it through the end of the first year*

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