Happy Monday!

Since it is the beginning of 2016 (or close to it), and some of you might be new around here, I thought I would share a little secret…

Actually, I thought I would share 10!

10 things you might not know

This way, you get to know a little more about the person behind the blog. No one wants to read something from an “unknown” right? If you follow me on Periscope, you may know some of the things on this list already. If not, you should absolutely join over there as well:)

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I was born in South Carolina and lived in Virginia for the first years of my life. My heart belongs there.
  2. I have played the flute for around 16 years now. I am no longer avid in it, but I do pull it out from time to time. It is something that I find a lot of comfort in.
  3. I love rap music. Not necessarily the rap music today, but like Biggie Smalls. You can read some of my top music favorites here. IMG_9169Visit Motherhood and Merlot on Instagram to view more pictures like this! 
  4. I am extremely competitive. Game night is not a joke in our house!
  5. I have A LOT of fears. The dark, heights, clowns, any insect, being said “no” too, public speaking (but I LOVE Periscope), enclosed spaces… just to name a few.
  6. I could binge watch movies in the same realm as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings all day long. Also Disney. ALWAYS Disney. I also really love old movies. Shirley Temple, Gone With the Wine, the original Pride and Prejudice are some of my favorites. I have a longer list of my top movies here as well.
  7. I really do not like public displays of affection. Hand holding is like my max. People think it’s weird, I think their weird for making out in public. 🙂
  8. I have a really weird obsession with smelling nice. I have to put on perfume even if I am just hanging out around the house. I also really love nice perfume.
  9. I am very self-conscious (I wrote about that as well), especially after having four babies. But no matter how big small, fit, glammed up I am, I am always extremely self-conscious.
  10. I have major trust issues and find it really hard to make good friends that are loyal and reciprocate the same level of trust.
  11. Bonus* I love wine! Just kidding. You all already knew that:)

That is it! Now you know some of my deepest darkest secrets. Well, maybe just dark, not the deepest:)

*Here’s to sharing secrets and growing the Motherhood and Merlot family*

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