Happy Monday! I have seen this $10 Target challenge around in so many different places, so of course, I had to try it out for myself! Essentially, the challenge is to go to Target and see what you can get for $10, no more. Instead of just going for random things, I really wanted to make it themed. That way, if you all like it then I can bring it back once a month with a different theme. This month for the $10 Target challenge, we are focusing on the playroom/schoolwork area.

Have you heard of the $10 Target Challenge? Today we are putting it to the test with trying to get as many playroom items for $10 and under as

$10 Target Challenge For The Playroom

Shopping at Target with only $10 is a lot harder than I thought. I rarely go into Target with budget… because who knows what will happen! It’s like that red target hypnotizes you and you get lost in all of its goodness.

I wanted to pick up some things to decorate with, some things that they could work on and do, and some things that I could use for different purposes. Thankfully, I accomplished all of those on this trip!

Total, I spent $10+ tax… so I went a little over. But, the items I got without the tax all equaled $10, which is a win in my book! The dollar section was my saving grace, and actually where I picked up ALL of the items that I found. Is that cheating? Hmm… I might try to do another $10 Target challenge where you can’t use the dollar section at all, or only use one thing.

Honestly though, they had some really great items there! They started putting out some “back to school” products, so for a playroom, this was the place to be.

I found some laminate wall decals that were ABC and 123. I used them as a border on one wall in the playroom and they turned out to be perfect for that space. $3 done. 

The next find were two workbooks, again in ABC and 123 themes. They came with three big erasers that kids can trace around and over, and the books were a great size! Each of these were $3, but I would have honestly paid more. They are a great item for my older girls to sit and practice their letters and numbers with this summer. $6 done. 

The last find was a pack of charts with star stickers that can be used for a ton of different things. I talked about how we use charts to help my older girls stay on track in this post about tips for surviving the terrible twos. We love giving them goals, and then helping them reach them through sticker charts or something of that nature. You could use these for potty charts, chore charts, school work, and so many other things. The last dollar, done.

Overall, this was $10 well spent in my opinion! I got every category of product that I was searching for, and my kids loved the things we picked out.

Have you ever tried the $10 Target Challenge? If you have, let me know what you found in the comments! Shop the post below.

*Cheers to not spending our life savings at Target (even though we might want to)

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