We have made it to double digits people! In just two short months, we will be celebrating the twins’ FIRST BIRTHDAY! I can’t even think about that… as 10 month old twins, they are already two little beaming personalities that fill our lives with double the craziness and double the love.

This ten month point marks a good place in this journey.

10 month old twinsTen Months Postpartum

I mentioned in my nine month postpartum update that I felt like we were finally getting to a good place. I have really come to accept the way that the twins were born, my anxiety is finally at a totally manageable level…

Not gone, but I’ll take it!

Aside from the fact that I have had to go through another five iron infusion treatments, on top of the five I have already done, everything is going pretty well. I have moments where I feel myself slipping back down into that dark place that I was at right after the twins were born, but I have finally figured out how to pull myself out of that and look around to see my four beautiful children.

Postpartum is hard. It has been one of the biggest challenges in my life. I am really thankful, however, that I got to experience it because I have learned so much about myself, my marriage, and my children in this past year.

I have really been kicking it into gear with my fitness goals. I have done the Advocare cleanse portion twice now and really love it for a good detox. I am trying to step my workouts up a notch and get myself to the point that makes me feel good in terms of body image.

11 months postpartum… I’m ready for you!

10 Month Old Twins

These babies are just growing away!

Annabelle is 19lbs now! She went from this tiny little premie baby to being a chunk, and I adore her. She is quite the daddy’s girl, just like her sisters. The bond that the three of them have is completely priceless. She loves to play with her sisters and is just the sweetest little girl. By sweetest, I mean adorable but FULL of attitude.

She has two bottom teeth, and is working on more on the top. She pulls herself up on everything and tries to stand on her own. We had a little bit of a scare with her… somehow she got ecoli poisoning so we had to take her to have an abdominal ultrasound. But, she’s alright:)IMG_3430

Oliver is 22lbs now and quite the bulky little boy. He loves to wrestle with his dad and he tries to wrestle his twin… but that doesn’t work out well for him since she has such a high-pitched scream;) He and our two-year-old have a really unique bond and they play so well together. He just chases her around the house and they laugh together for hours. He is, and forever will be, my little mama’s boy.

He has 3 bottom teeth and 2 on the top. He is right at the edge of taking his first steps! He stands up on his own and loves to walk when someone is holding his hands. I’m expecting those little feet to go on their own any day now. IMG_3434

One more update, and then I will be sharing their 1st birthday! Thank you all for going through this crazy adventure with us:)

*Cheers to life with twins*

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