5 Ways to Spice Up Date Night

After having four kids in the last five years, it has at times felt like my husband and I rarely even get to see one another. We might live in the same house, but with the craziness of four little ones running around, we might not even get to have an adult conversation. We  started to think of some ways to add a little something extra, to keep the fire going it you will;) Here are 5 ways to Spice Up Date Night with your significant other.

It can be hard to make time for your significant other, especially after having kids. Here are 5 ways to spice up date night and make time together fun!First of all, we have always known the importance of date nights, understanding how impactful, refreshing and oh-so needed they are. But, it is often very hard to find the time for them. Instead of finding the time, we are now consciously “making the time”. You can read more about that in my post thinking about this was something I didn’t sign up for.

After a bit of marital soul searching we began to realize the importance of date night. It’s more than just a monotonous date night that covers eating across the table from one another, but actually enjoying time together. Recently, my we went to Sedona on a getaway for our anniversary and experienced a wine tour for the first time. The wine tour in Sedona was absolutely amazing. You will have to read about it, but one thing we realized was how crucial it was to do things different when the two of spend time together.

You know, spice things up a bit.

There are so many ways to spice up date night, and I am sharing some of my favorites!

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5 Ways to Spice Up Date Night

  • Do something different & longer than just one night: Like I said before, we went away for a weekend in Sedona, AZ which is something that we had not done in years. We really enjoyed making no plans, going out on dates that we normally wouldn’t go on, just laughing together and hanging out. Doing something other than the typical dinner is a great way to add some “umph” into date night.
  • Make it sexy: Being together is a part of married life, but sometimes you need something new to make that “adult time” more exciting or just to change it up a little bit. Shopping for lingerie can sometimes be awkward (I know it is for me), but thanks to online lingerie stores, it doesn’t have to be something that women loathe. There are so many different types and things that you can add to really make that sexy time, fun! It can be cute and comfy, but still something that your significant other might not expect will add a little extra unexpected sexy to the night. 3Wishes.com has a lot of great options for lingerie, sleepwear, and costumes if you want to go that route:) You can click the link or photos to check out their entire product selection. Online Lingerie Store
  • Relive your first date: You may have forgotten the way that the first real date you had made you feel. I know the first date I had with my husband gave me butterflies. Why not relive that first date now? If you don’t live in the same area, get as close as you can to the details of that date and chat about your real first date while you’re out.
  • Take turns planning your big day or night out: Don’t tell the other one anything but the time and where they need to meet you. You can send them a cute or sexy text message with the details. Each of you can take turns planning a date that you think the other would really enjoy and leave it a surprise until you both go out together.
  • Have an intimate photoshoot: Recently, my husband and I got out pictures taken for the first time in forever, just the two of us. It was something way out of my comfort zone, being intimate and having PDA in front of a camera (I am super modest when it comes to this) but it was so worth it! The photos are something that my husband and I can cherish (like when I got boudoir shots done for him as a gift), and that we can use. I had some of them printed on canvas through Canvas Factory and I love them! 
  • Photo by Chelsey Herrera Photography

    It was so easy to order, and I could get them in a huge variety of sizes. Plus, they are super fair in price compared to some other place that sell canvas prints. We have two of them hanging above our bed now, and they are a great reminder to us to always make time for one another.

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Date nights are such a vital part of a functioning relationship. They help you stay connected with one another and, especially if you have children, they give you the adult time that you so desperately need.

*Cheers to spending quality time with your other half*joanna at motherhood and merlot


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  1. I like the idea of taking turns to plan the night out. When it comes to date nights for me and my hubs, I tend to plan everything. It would be nice to have him plan something for once. 🙂

  2. You have great ideas on having a successful date night. I don’t really want to recreate our first date though. Somehow we ended up at a tea party with a bunch of older women. The second date was better. 🙂
    Shelah recently posted…Crumpled CreationsMy Profile

  3. Most of our date nights are just movie nights at home, or sitting on the patio drinking after the kids go to bed! ha! These are great tips and a sexy little surprise never hurts, so I will have to check out this website! 🙂
    lauren recently posted…February Family FavoritesMy Profile

  4. Date nights are so important!! Hubby and I try to make time for them even if it means a drink after the kiddo is sleeping before me pass out our selves!!! I will have to check this site out for some fun stuff 😉

  5. One the best dates we had in the last year was pretending it was our first date. We laughed and had such a good time the entire evening. I cannot say enough how much I adore your suggestion of letting the partners switch up in planning. Great suggestions.

  6. Awesome ideas. We put the kids to bed, grab something to drink and play Disney Infinity for hours at least once a month. We both try to do something once a month or so that the other person is into. Makes things a little less boring that way.

  7. I love that you guys did a photo shoot together! I have been wanting to make one of those canvases since my sister in law did one that turned out so good!

  8. So many great suggestions!!! I definitely need new ideas for date nights. My hubby and I have been together forever so it’s nice to mix things up a bit!

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