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Tips For Traveling With Kids

Summer is coming up and so is travel season for many families. We are planning a few trips over the upcoming months, so having some good tips for traveling with kids is really important!

tips for traveling with kids

As a mom of four little ones under the age of , traveling on a plane for long distances is not my idea of a great time. But, it is well worth it to spend time with loved ones. I remember our first real trip with kids, a few years ago over Christmas, traveling back to Washington State where my husband and I both have family. Our baby was only 2 months old at the time and our oldest was not quite 2 yet. We weren’t even allowed to sit together because of some oxygen mask rule… nightmare. Talk about a long trip. Thankfully, it is only a 2.5 hour flight and we had a non-stop.

This year, the SIX of us will be making the journey to Virginia, which I am absolutely thrilled about. This trip is much longer than the trip to Washington, and we will need to find some way to entertain our kids for a 5+ hour flight.

Tips for Traveling With Kidstraveling with kids

  • Carry PLENTY of activities with you: Kids change their mind faster than you can get out whatever they asked for in the first place. Bring different types of books, a couple of games they can play with and different coloring utensils so that once they get bored with one thing, you have back up. No one wants to be that parent that had a screaming or complain child on the plane. They can only look out the window for so long.
  • Download a movie (or 5) on your phone, iPad, tablet, etc: This is one of the fastest ways that my oldest falls asleep when she’s tired. We will let her watch a show on Netflix and she passes out pretty quickly. On a plane, this is an absolute lifesaver. Plus, this is the age of technology and kids love it. I rarely see a child now without some form of technology with them… some that I don’t even have! So resist the urge to give your kids Benadryl (my husband loves to joke about that), and get them some headphones and whatever movies they love to watch.
  • Give them a cheap camera to take pictures with: Our oldest loves to pretend to take pictures, or steal our phones and actually snap a 100 pictures of the floor and her nose. Why not get a disposable camera or a cheap digital camera and let your kiddo take pictures of the trip? They will feel like they have a big, important job and it will keep them occupied for a surprisingly long time. Maybe just make sure that they aren’t taking pictures of people sleeping on the plane or anything like that… 🙂the little traveler
  • Stay away from sugar: I made this mistake last year when traveling home, and my daughter was quit amped up on some dessert she had with her late lunch. Bad idea. For one, they will not sleep on the plane for quit a while (if they do at all). Second of all, too much sugar will result in an upset stomach. For motion-sickness prone kids this is a DISASTER. All I can say is, thank goodness airlines have doggy bags.
  • Bring something special for your kid(s): Pack an extra special treat for the trip, maybe a toy, game or book they’ve never seen before. When it comes down to “desperate measures”, whip that out and it will be a welcomed surprise for them. This comes in really handy towards the end of the trip when it seems like nothing will calm them down or keep them from wanting to run up and down the airplane aisle… Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.
  • Make sure they are comfortable and cozy: I know we all want our kids to look like little super stars walking through the airport… But just dress them so that they are nice and comfy sitting for long periods of time. emmy plane

Traveling with kids can be tough, but try to enjoy it! Remember why you are traveling in the first place and the fun that you will have while your there. For me, I know this makes it all seem worth it.

Are you traveling anywhere exciting this year?

Check out these tips to staying on track with fitness and healthy eating habits while you’re away:)

*Cheers to traveling adventures*

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  1. OMG that last picture is so precious! What a cuddle bug! I could do a parody post on travleing with dogs. What a disaster that was last year!
    Cajun recently posted…Woodsy DIY Beard OilMy Profile

  2. My fiance and I love to travel right now so there’s no doubt we will be traveling with kids in our future!!!

  3. I need this! I’ll be driving down to New Jersey soon with my 2-year-old by myself. It’s been awhile since we’ve done this drive alone together. I haven’t done the video in the car ride yet, though we have on the plane, but I may need it for my own sanity! The camera idea is genius. I would have never thought to do that. Plus it would be really cool to see things from her perspective 🙂
    Bev recently posted…The zen of creativityMy Profile

  4. I only has to travel with one child at a time, since I am a “one and done” mommy, and thankfully he has always been a good traveler! But we just do road trips since flying is totally no my favorite thing to do! Traveling by plane and with more kids? Yikes. These tips would surely be helpful!

  5. These are great tips! I’ve only traveled with one kid thus far but with #2 on the way soon it’s super helpful to have as much advice on the matter as I can!

  6. Great tips. We take a lot of trips with our kids and have found all of this to be extremely helpful. We also try to plan out a lot of the “travel” time during their regular sleeping pattern to avoid a lot of anxiousness.
    Ashley recently posted…Blog Post Inspiration – Behind the BlogMy Profile

  7. Great tips! We’ve never taken the kids on a plane, but will be attempting it this summer. These will all come in very handy.
    Shann Eva recently posted…Twin Boys Henry and CharlesMy Profile

  8. We have traveled many times with our kids (never on a plane, always in a car) and it definitely has it’s challenges, but it is also so much fun! Plus, I’m convinced that doing is how they learn. The more you do it, the more they will be used to it and learn how to act. It may even become enjoyable one day. haha

  9. Great tips. I have to travel with my daughter to Germany frequently and usually pack a brand new toy for the way there and one for the way back. Another thing that my daughter absolutely loves are those fabric busy books (aka quite books). She gets lost in them for hours. Otherwise, we usually pack lots of snacks and try not to force her. If she gets tired she usually cuddles up and falls asleep. Good luck on you next long travel and that your kids are not having one of THOSE days 🙂
    Jasmin Saunders recently posted…Potty Training – The most dreaded milestoneMy Profile

  10. These are some great tips! I’ve been flying with my daughter since she was itty bitty and as long as you bring enough entertainment, your kiddo will do fine!

  11. These are AWESOME tips for traveling with children. When our girls were tiny my husband and I would travel with them everywhere. And I remember the challenges of keeping them happy and entertained. I saved your pin to Pinterest and I hope other families will find this post and your valuable tips! Many good wishes are sent your way for happy travels to Virginia. 🙂
    Denay DeGuzman recently posted…DIY Sea Salt Spray | Say Hello to Sexy Beach HairMy Profile

  12. As a first time mama to be, we have some trips planned for our little next year and this will come in so handy! saving! Thanks for the tips

  13. This is such great advice! Thanks for all these helpful tips!
    Cara recently posted…Mouthwatering Biscuit DoughnutsMy Profile

  14. We’re hoping to do a trip with both our girls soon, need all the tips we can get!

  15. I love the idea of letting the kiddos have a camera to use for their own pictures. I have two point and shoot cameras that my girls would love to use. Thanks for the idea! And good luck with the six of you traveling.
    Ali B recently posted…Easy Gift for a TeacherMy Profile

  16. Great tips. I think having their favorite blanket or snuggle toy is helpful too. A binky and gum if older to help ears with altitude. Then having all the necessities in a separate bag from the toys. This way you can just hang their bag in their reach. Now, mine is 14 and traveling is so much easier. But, I remember those long plane rids with lots of little ones in tow. Patience. Also helpful to get a non stop flight. Changing planes with little ones is the worst.
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted…Oh So Delicious And Easy Berry Smoothie #RecipeMy Profile

  17. I wish I had this list during my travels as a Military Family. We flew on commercial as well as military flights and they were never fun but with each one I learned a little something extra to make the next that much better. Thanks so much for sharing such great tips!
    Tiffany recently posted…Take The Hate Out of Laundry With Wisk Deep Clean®My Profile

  18. I don’t have little kids anymore so traveling with teens is a whole other kind of nightmare. We will be traveling over the summer, but driving! I’m sure I’ll share what that’s like so you can prepare yourself for that! LOL

  19. These are great tips! We’re going on a trip later on this year, 5 hours. Ugh.
    Jennifer Corter recently posted…Looking For Unique Gifts? Look No Further!My Profile

  20. Activities are imperative!!! WE have not been on a plane with the kids in 6 years, but we have been on a few 12 hour road trips! We are planning on a trip to Costa Rica soon and these tips are great!
    sara recently posted…RelentlessMy Profile

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