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9 Things New Moms Should Know

For new moms, those first minutes, days, and weeks are a whirlwind. Your body and mental state fluctuate so much within those first moments of motherhood and at times it seems like you won’t ever be back to normal. Being a mom is a blessing and also one of the hardest things a woman can go through. Because of that, we wanted to share these 10 things all new moms should hear, from one mama to another.Motherhood is hard, no matter how many children you have. Being a new mom is an adventure! Here are 9 things new moms should know.

New moms are going through a lot. They are trying to navigate being a parent to a newborn, dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, trying to heal from whatever kind of labor and delivery they had, and trying to get back to their other “life duties” on top of all.

Take a breath, mama. You’ve got this!

9 Things New Moms Should Know

  1. You are enough. You are all that little one needs in their life. At times it might seem like you can do it all or like you aren’t giving your little one(s) everything thing that they need. It may even seem like you don’t bond with them right away, which can make you feel even worse. Trust me when I say, you are more than enough for that sweet baby. That bond will grow and all they need to grow it, is you.
  2. You don’t have to be perfect. Forgive yourself. Anyone that puts on that front where motherhood is all rainbows and smiles and happy times, is lying to you. Motherhood isn’t easy! It will be full of ups and downs, and there will be moments where you make mistakes a mom. The good part is, your little one will not know if you are perfect or not. They won’t be able to tell if you put their diaper on the wrong way once. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake or if you take a short cut somewhere. Don’t stress about being the perfect parent, because no one is.
  3. You don’t have to take all of the advice. For some reason, when people are pregnant, especially new moms, everyone in the world feels the need to give their unsolicited advice. You don’t have to take it all! You will find your own rhythm and parent that little one in a way that works for your family. You might find some advice to be a lifesaver, which is great. But, there are some little advice gems that are completely irrelevant to you or to your little one. Take those with a grain of salt and find the things that work for you. Trust your instincts.
  4. Take all the pictures. You will be happy that you have all of those precious moments on film with your little one. On the same note, take pictures WITH your little one as well. You may not feel up to par in terms of your looks after having a baby, but don’t let that stop you from cherishing those moments with them and getting as many photos together as possible.
  5. You are beautiful. Speaking of not feeling up to par… In those moments after giving birth, nothing else matters except for that baby. But, when we look back on the photos from that day or see ourselves in the mirror in the days and weeks that follow, it’s hard not to think about the body that we once had. Our perky smiles (and perky boobs) have been replaced with their tired and saggy counterparts. Is it worth it? Of course, and even through all of those body changes, you are beautiful. You can worry about all of that unimportant stuff later.
  6. Leave the house. If you’re a brand new mom, you might laugh at this and think that you will never leave the house again. You’re going to have to sooner or later! Even if it is just to the store for one or two things, getting out of the house with that baby is good for them, and it is good for you to feel like you are somewhat normal again. The best thing I ever did with my second daughter was leaving the house to go to the store with my mom when she was four days old. The walking was good for me, the change of scenery was a blessing, and it made me feel like a human being again.
  7. Ask for help. Seriously, do it. As a mom of four, I thought that I could do it all on my own and I never wanted to ask anyone for help. Something I quickly realized after having my twins was that I NEEDED that extra help. Even if it was just a little bit here and there, a house cleaning, a meal or two, that extra help was a breath of air and a moment of peace for a tired mama. Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are so real, and can be devastating. Asking for help will aid you in getting through those rough patches.
  8. Take care of yourself too. Yes, that baby needs a lot of attention. You will be lacking in all areas: sleep, eating, maybe even showering, but is important that you are looking our for your needs as well as the needs of that baby. Stay hydrated, stay on top of your meals (super important for regaining strength and for breastfeeding mamas), and don’t kill yourself trying to clean the house before people come over to see the baby. If you need to, bring the bouncer into the bathroom while you shower for 2 minutes. No one is going to judge you around here:)
  9. Rest. Sleep deprivation is no joke. If someone offers to watch that baby for a little while (in the same house of course) take the chance to close your eyes for a few minutes. You will need all of the chances for rest you can in the next 18 year, because sleep will never be the same.

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  1. I love all of this advice and used every bit of it when mine were babies!

  2. All great tips! Asking for help is soooooo important! It’s hard for some people but when you’ve got kids, it can make all the difference in the world!

  3. You wonderful person you. I love this!

  4. Oh my goodness. I definitely needed this advice 4 years ago when my son was born. It’s all so true and absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing this for new moms everywhere!
    Samantha @ Momma Wants Java recently posted…30+ Motivational Fitness Quotes to Keep You Going!My Profile

  5. I needed to read this! My baby is turning 9 months soon. Everyday of his life has been amazing, but I get the occasional burnout from lack of help, sleep deprivation and trying to keep a perfect home. This post was a good reminder that I’m all that he needs and this time is all we have. Thanks!

  6. This is such a great post! I wish I read this sooner.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  7. Yes to all of these! You can’t possibly take enough pictures!

  8. I wish I had read this when I was a new mom. Not taking unwanted advice was easy for me but I really wish we had more pictures.

  9. I agree with all of these! I like the reminder to take as many pictures as possible. I do that all the time.

  10. Yes to all of this! So much advice coming your way can be so overwhelming. And take so so many pictures.
    Emily recently posted…quality time with dad + a giveaway with JORD wood watchesMy Profile

  11. This is great advice for EVERY new mom! Loved it all. Asking for help is something I was unable to do until I had my 4th kid!
    Stefanie recently posted…A Fun Easter Tradition for Kids: Plant a Lollipop Garden {Tuesday Talk}My Profile

  12. I know my husband and other family members get annoyed when I am constantly taking pictures of the kids doing who knows what, but if I’m not snapping away, then who is? I LOVE and APPRECIATE pictures. I know that I won’t necessarily remember the little things we did until I am reminded of it with the pictures I took along the way.

  13. What great tips! every mother needs to know these really! I wish I had read this when I was a new mom.

  14. Love everything you mentioned. Looking back after 3 kids I couldn’t agree more. Especially recognizing we cannot be perfect. Although the pressure is always there

  15. I struggled with a lot of PPD after my kids were born, and I wish I had someone reading this checklist into my ear every morning and every night. Especially the “you are enough.” I think a lot of this advice applies to moms of young kids too- so I’ll be reviewing it often. Thank you so much for writing! XO Christa

  16. My favorite is #3. Everyone wants to give you so much advice when you are a new mom. By the time my second rolled around, I was much more confident that I knew what was best for my children.

  17. Yes to all of this! Especially as a new mom you never know what to expect.

  18. Love these tips!!!! Never be afraid to ask for help! We all definitely need it once in awhile

  19. I want to share this with every new mom ever. All of these lessons are so valuable!!
    rachel recently posted…5 Course Tasting Menu // Devils Backbone Brewing Company + the Black Pig ClevelandMy Profile

  20. Great advice! When I was a first time mom, I would have never thought of these things on my own. It’s a crazy time!

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