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What Is The Best Box Wine? Find Out Here!

There are so many different types of wine out there on the market today. From wine on tap, to beer-wine, to boxed wine, you have endless options when it comes to what you want to drink. Today, I am sharing about three different boxed wines that I put to the test in order to find out what the best box ...

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Tie Dye Red Blend Wine

tie dye red blend

Cool Cat, Bummer Dude, Bookin’, Copacetic, Going Steady, Flat Top, Gnarly, Groovy…. If you remember using these words on a daily basis, chances are you were around during the 60’s or you still use them because you have a love for that decade. This Tie Dye Red Blend wine will take you back to that time with it’s colorful label ...

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Review of H3 Merlot

h3 merlot

With all of the craziness of the last few months, I have really been slacking on the wine reviews… I’m sorry! I really do love this day of the week because: My sister-in-law had purchased a bottle of this for me right after I had the twins. I could only have the tiniest sip then, and my husband and mom ...

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50 Shades of Grey Red Wine Review

50 shades of grey wine

To begin with, I am going to put in a little disclaimer for those that haven’t read my post on this topic: Let’s hope this is better than the book and the film… not that I have read or seen either. However, any time there is a new wine out there, I can’t help but try it! This particular red ...

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