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Wine Pairings for Easter

easter wine pairings

Where has this year gone? I cannot believe that we will be celebrating Easter in just a few short days. Just like every holiday, I wanted to compile a list of wine pairings that you could potentially use for your holiday meal. Most of the wines I have chosen are relatively inexpensive, but delicious:) These wine pairings for Easter will go ...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her (Or Him) from WINC

Out of all the holidays, I have to say that Valentine’s Day is my least favorite. Honestly, I really don’t even like to celebrate it. However, any excuse to give or receive wine as a gift is okay in my book! That’s why when WINC reached out to me, wanting to send some of their gift boxes that are perfect ...

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Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

wine to have with thanksgiving dinner

I can’t believe it, but it’s almost Thanksgiving! In light of that, I thought I would give you all some options on wine pairings for Thanksgiving dinner. Believe it or not, there are certain wines that pair better with some of the dishes that we all know and love on Thanksgiving, then other wines do. There are a few specific types of ...

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Wine and Chocolate / Dessert Pairings

wine and chocolate

It’s almost Valentines Day… sigh. While this is my least favorite holiday of the ENTIRE YEAR, I do love to pair wine and chocolate or wine and dessert. Something about the decadence of it is different than pairing wine with savory meals. I’m giving you some options for a few different varieties of chocolate as well as some dessert, so I ...

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Wine With Christmas Dinner

wines with christmas dinner

Can you believe that we are only one week(ish) away from Christmas?  Did this year just fly by or what?! Every major holiday, I try to come up with some themed wines or wine pairings that would go with that specific holiday meal. So, of course, here are some different options to pair wine with Christmas dinner. (The wines listed in ...

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