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5 Best Wines for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and with the change in seasons comes the change in wine! Now, I’m not here to tell you what to drink. To all of my fellow winos, I say drink whatever you want, whenever you want to. However, there are certain wines that go better with the weather and with the seasonal events of that ...

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Hive & Honey Riesling

hive & honey riesling

I am normally not a sweet wine person.  I used to drink a ton of it when I was younger and first beginning to drink wine. Now, it has to be a really special flavor for me to pick up a bottle of sweet white wine. This Hive & Honey Riesling really caught my attention. First of all, the packing and ...

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Little Black Dress White Wine

little black dress white wine

Last Wine Wednesday, I went through all of the red wines in the Little Black Dress brand. Now, as you would expect, I am breaking down each of the Little Black Dress White Wine, complete with my own ratings, tasting notes, and thoughts on each wine. Most of these wines are really inexpensive, at around $10.99 a bottle. My local grocery stores ...

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Chateau Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

sauvignon blanc

Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! Even though fall season, to me, screams “red wine”, I try to review a little something for everyone:) This week, I tried out a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. (Here are some more fall wines if you want alternatives to this white) I don’t usually gravitate towards a Sauvignon Blanc except in the heat of summer, ...

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A-Z of Wine

all about wine

Around here, it is no secret that I like wine. “Like”… who am I kidding? I have an obsession with the stuff! I would be more than happy to replace all of the joyful foods in the world and just have wine. I’m not sure how that would turn out for me physically, but at least I’d be happy right? ...

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