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You Will Be My Last Baby

last baby

I picked up my 11-month-old, 22 pound twin boy this morning. He’s walking now, and isn’t so much of a baby anymore. My heart hurt to think that he would be my last. But, as I looked at him and kissed his squishy little face, I was lead to say out loud: “You will be my last baby”. It’s hard ...

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How To Help A New Mom

helping a new mom

A little over a week ago, one of my dearest friends had her very first baby! It has been such a wonderful blessing to be there through her pregnancy and to be in the room when her daughter was born. I remember back when I was a first time mom, and how completely freaked out and overwhelmed I was. I ...

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Throwing A Co-ed Baby Shower

joint baby shower

A few weeks ago, I threw a baby shower for my best friend and her husband, with the help of some other lovely ladies. The couple is pregnant with their first baby! This sweet little girl has been prayed for quite a while and we are so excited to finally meet her in just a few short weeks. If you ...

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Twin Birth Story

twin delivery by c-section

As I sit down to write this, it’s hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since our little ones made their way into the world. I can, on the other hand, believe that it’s taken me this long to write the story of our twins’ birth. It has been a much different experience than I thought it ...

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Why Exercise During Pregnancy?

exercising during pregnancy

Staying healthy and fit while pregnant seems to be a taboo topic these days. A lot of mom’s either get slack for exercising too much while pregnant, or for not staying healthy enough. I did a post all about my thoughts on this a few months ago. I am currently 37 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy (they may even ...

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Pregnancy Freebies

If you are a new mom, an expecting mom or you have someone in your life you know could use some of these, continue reading and check them out! I personally love the car seat canopies (I have two of them from separate pregnancies) , the baby sling for when you just have one baby and you don’t want to ...

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Twin Pregnancy: 35 Weeks

twin pregnancy 35 weeks

And the countdown continues… At this point, every time I go in for an appointment it almost seems like my OB or midwife are surprised to see me there. I guess it’s typical for many twin moms to deliver between 34-37 weeks rather than 39-40 like singleton pregnancies. I say, let them stay there as long as they can! Saying ...

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Twin Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks

34 weeks pregnant with twins

35 weeks pregnant with twins and feeling every, single one of those weeks! 35 weeks is usually where the babies go through quite a big growth spurt in terms of their brain growth and weight gain as well. It will be interesting to see how this week’s update and next week’s will be different because of that:) The time is ...

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Twin Pregnancy Update: Week 29

pregnancy blog twins

The end of this week marks a huge milestone in twin pregnancies. Because of the increased risk of premature labor, hitting the 30-31 week mark is great because the babies have gained a substantial amount of weight and their lungs have reached a decent place in development. From what I can tell though, these babies will be in there for ...

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Twin Pregnancy Update: Weeks 25 & 26

26 weeks pregnant twins

Two more weeks down on this journey through twin pregnancy and less than two more to go before I am officially in my last trimester. Has this gone really fast to anyone else? I am down to the double digits of days left in this pregnancy, with less than three months left. It is exciting and nerve-racking all at the ...

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