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Best Place to Find Maternity Clothes

Now a days, having a baby is so expensive. I recently just had twins, and also have two other toddlers under the age of 4. Trust me, I know all about how much it costs to have kids. They are absolutely worth it, but still….expensive! ¬†However, buying maternity clothing was always my least favorite thing to do when I was ...

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Summer Maternity Outfits

Here in Arizona, Spring only last’s for a short time period before transitioning to the intense heat that is summer. For all of you mama’s out there that will be pregnant during the summer… I feel your pain! I’m in my third trimester of a twin pregnancy and the heat is my worst enemy. It is already pushing the high ...

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Stitch Fix Maternity Review

stitch fix maternity

Another Stitch Fix post! Who doesn’t love a chatting about clothes? This is probably one of my favorite “subscriptions” to get because I don’t even have to get ready to shop. They just show up on my doorstep! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with twins and I have been loving the Stitch Fix maternity line that they have. This ...

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Spring Maternity Outfits

maternity outfit ideas

Spring is well on its way here in Arizona and soon it will be wherever you are as well:) That means it’s time for a wardrobe change. I am currently pregnant with twins (You can read my most recent pregnancy update here). I will be 5-7 months pregnant during the spring season so finding some good quality maternity clothing is ...

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