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Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Review

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with the start of the gifting season comes the start of all of the special edition kits and products from makeup companies. One of those items is this four piece lipstick set. Today we are chatting about the Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite review and swatches. Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Review This kit ...

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Top 5 Favorite Bright/Bold Lipsticks

best bright lipsticks

This category is going to include my top five favorite bright and bold colors of lipstick. I have everything from hot pink, to hot coral/orange, to some shades of purple that I hardly wear, but absolutely love! Can you kind of tell where my I tend to spend the most money when it comes to beauty products? I love me ...

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Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

best nude lipsticks

My favorite lipsticks of all time have got to be in the “nudes” color family. While I think bright or dark colors have their own beauty and place in a makeup collection, I will forever be a wearer of nudes;) I have so many in this particular category that it was hard to narrow it down, but I tried to ...

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