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3 Trendy Spring Outfits

Is anyone else just living for the spring trends that are happening right now? This type of clothing is so up my alley. From everything to ultra feminine, to a little bit edgy, to comfortable but still cute, there is so many amazing things happening in fashion currently. Today, I am sharing three trendy spring outfits in collaboration with PinkBlush. ...

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7 Best Places to Shop for Clothes Online

I am a huge online shopper. It used to be that I never shopped online, and only in stores. But, with four kids, there is no way that is happening! Online stores are my absolute favorite and they have some of the greatest finds! Here is a list of some of the best places to shop for clothes online. A ...

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4 Tips On How To Never Be Late Again | JORD Unique Watch Review

No one wants to be the person that is always late to everything. Check out this tips on never being late again with this unique watch

We all know those people that are chronically late to EVERYTHING. Heck, you might be reading this right now thinking, “I am one of those people!” No judgement from me. But, being late can be frustrating for everyone involved. I’ve put together a list for you all of some helpful tips to never be late again, and how to stay ...

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Cut Outs Trending Now | Shop Tobi

One of the most recent trends in clothing that I have been obsessing over are cut outs. Cut outs is dresses, in tops, in shoes… give me all the cut outs! When Tobi asked me to pick out some clothing to review, what pieces do you think I went for? CUT OUTS! They have so many cute pieces right now ...

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OOFOS Shoe Review and Giveaway!

When OOFOS reached out to me, my first thought was that I had never heard of the brand before. However, once I looked into them I got really excited. This OOFOS shoe review will cover all the amazing benefits that this shoe has for your feet, knees, and back. Plus, stay tuned until the end for some exciting news! STANDARD ...

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Pool Party Necessities

Can you believe we are half way through summer?! It is crazy that we are already in mid-July. Next month, we are headed to Vegas again for my sister’s birthday. I am in need of a mom getaway without a doubt! While we are there, we are headed to Liquid at the Aria, and I have some pool party necessities ...

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4 Dresses to Kickstart Your Summer Wardrobe | Shop Tobi

Every season, I love to pick up a few new pieces to transition into the new weather. Here in Arizona, I can pretty much get away with wearing the same type of clothing 8 months out of the year. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get new pieces that are filled with the latest trends. These four dresses ...

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Best Swimwear for $40 and Under

best swimwear for cheap

Hello Motherhood and Merlot readers. I would love to introduce myself… I am Alexandria, blogger over at Winifred Jac (winifredjac.com), A Life & Style Blog.I’m here to show you the best swimwear for $40 or under. Every woman knows that once bikini season comes around, we NEED to find a new one; if we’re lucky, maybe a few. Our old ...

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Soufeel Charm Bracelet

soufeel charm bracelet

It’s Beauty Thursday! Recently, I was contacted by Soufeel to review a piece of their jewelry. With Mother’s Day, I thought it would make the perfect gift and who doesn’t love jewelry? A little info on the product and the current offers that Soufeel has: 1, The charms from Soufeel are 925 sterling silver. They can also fit the Pandora, ...

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Summer Maternity Outfits

Here in Arizona, Spring only last’s for a short time period before transitioning to the intense heat that is summer. For all of you mama’s out there that will be pregnant during the summer… I feel your pain! I’m in my third trimester of a twin pregnancy and the heat is my worst enemy. It is already pushing the high ...

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