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ASU Night of The Open Door and Sun Devil Rewards App

Last week, my family and I took a trip down to my old stomping grounds at ASU Tempe for the Night of the Open Door Event. I love that we can events like this that are happening all around the Valley using the Sun Devil Rewards App. This was such a fun, family orientated event, and I wanted to share ...

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Sedona Wine Tours

Last weekend on our trip to Sedona, my husband and I really wanted to check out some of the wineries that they have in the area. Jerome and Sedona wine tours are like the top thing to do for wine lovers in our area, so it was a must for us on our little getaway. There are actually quite a ...

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Butterfly Wonderland Scottsdale, AZ

butterfly wonderland scottsdale az

A few weeks ago, my two older daughters and I went on a little mommy-daughter date. We NEVER get to do that so it was really special that we had a chance to go on a little adventure without the twins. My oldest (almost 4) really has a thing for anything “pretty”, whether that be princesses, fairies, or butterflies;) I ...

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