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Summer Activities for Kids in Arizona

things to do in az with kids

It is HOT here in Arizona. I mean, the kind of hot where you can’t really go outside. This past weekend, it was 120 degrees at one point! With little ones around, you have to find other things for them to do because you can’t really say, “Just go play outside” like I would normally do. We need some activities lined up ...

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Wines From Sedona

wines from sedona

Cheers everyone! This week, I have reviewed three wines from Sedona that I picked up recently. These are from three different wineries in Sedona, AZ that we went on a tour to. I obviously had to pick up at least one from each vineyard and these are all wines that we got a chance to do a tasting of while ...

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Sedona Wine Tours

Last weekend on our trip to Sedona, my husband and I really wanted to check out some of the wineries that they have in the area. Jerome and Sedona wine tours are like the top thing to do for wine lovers in our area, so it was a must for us on our little getaway. There are actually quite a ...

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