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Tips For Preparing Kids for a Move

Packing and moving are in full swing around our house right now. We are moving out of our rental and onto to bigger and better things for our family of six. The last time that we moved, I was in my third trimester (you can read all about that here) of our twin pregnancy. Even not pregnant, moving is still one of my least favorite things to do. Preparing kids for a move can be an adventure, especially depending on their ages and what they can understand about moving.

Tips for moving with children. Preparing kids for a move can be tough, but it can be a lot less stressful using some of these tips. Our children are on the fence about what is going on. My older ones total get it and ask a bunch of questions, while the twins just want to play in the boxes and they could care less about what is going on. I have figured out some ways to make the packing and moving process a little bit easier for young kids.

Preparing Kids for a Move

  • When it comes to packing, let your kids help. I made the mistake of trying to leave them out of this part in the beginning of this process, and it did not go over well. They really wanted to help tape of the boxes and help by putting themselves things in to them. It actually made it much more fun this way for everyone involved. My oldest, who is five, really loves to be the helper, and being able to put her own things in her boxes and then write her name on the outside made it a much smoother process. 
  • Explain why you have to pack their things. It was especially hard for my older two (5 and 3) watching Mommy pack away all of their “most special things”. She was very upset that I was putting all of these things in sealed boxes and didn’t really understand why I had to do it right that second. After a few boxes and explaining each time to her why I had to put them away, and that “they weren’t going away forever, just keeping them safe until they get to her new room”, she felt a little better about the whole process. I also left out some of her most prized possessions, which helped to ease the sting for her and made her feel like I wasn’t just taking all of her things away forever:)
  • Take them with you to the new place if possible. In between the visits, walk-through, and all of the paper signings, our girls have had ample visits to our new house when their was nothing in it. I think this allows them to get a feel for where they will soon be living and prevents having them move all of their things to some place they have never seen before. We let our girls run around the yard, showed them “their rooms”, and kept calling it “their new house”. All of this seemed to get them pretty excited about this fun new place that was going to be “home”. moving with kids
  • Let them do things to remember their old house. Our twins have only ever known the home that we live in now, and our older two were only 3 and 2 when we moved here so this has been home for a lot of her life as well. Doing things like drawing pictures with them of their old house and old room will help them to part with it a little bit easier. It will also make leaving it a happier experience because they will have memories to take with them to the new place.

Moving can be emotional for kids, especially if they are right on the edge of truly being able to understand what is going on. Try to be patient with them while they fight you over which toys can be packed, or get upset because you are taping up a box with the “one bear they haven’t seen in two years but love anyway!”

How do your kids handle moving? What are some other things you would add to help kids get prepared for a move?

*Cheers to taking the time to make life’s big changes easier on our kids*

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  1. We have moved so many times with Hudson that he just got used to it. We never really even prepped him for it! Hopefully we stay put in this house for awhile since I HATE moving!! (who doesnt?) Congrats on your new home!!!
    Lauren recently posted…Succulent Centerpiece for Earth DayMy Profile

  2. thanks so much for sharing- I wish I had this in December… My sister moved house at 8 months and j felt helpless with my advice.

  3. Congrats on your new home!
    Julie @ Girl on the Move recently posted…Be Inspired: JaredMy Profile

  4. Thesr are great ideas, Joanna! Although we just moved last summer, my husband job will require us to move in about 5 years so I will need this in the (distant) future !
    Hoping for an easy transition for your family !
    Jamie @ AllThatSrocks recently posted…Essential Oils and VacationMy Profile

  5. We moved when my twins were almost 2 and it was a surprisingly easy transition. It helped that we only moved a mile away and they had been to the house multiple times before we moved in. Great article!
    Sara recently posted…Brown Sugar Lemon Meringue TartMy Profile

  6. Thanks so much for these tips. These are great. I wish I would of had this last May when we moved. I am sure we will move houses sometime in the future though 🙂

  7. We kept our kids involved as much as possible when they were little. We are preparing to move again and are doing the same. Keeping them familiar with everything going on….which seems like fun, but moving actually sucks Lol
    sara recently posted…The Truth About Going To The Beach With KidsMy Profile

  8. My kids have never had to move but we are thinking about it. You are my third blogging friend that is in the process of moving or has moved. Great advice.
    Melissa Matters recently posted…Staying Calm When Your Child Gets HurtMy Profile

  9. Congrats on the move! I moved a lot as a kid, and a lot of these tips really resonated with me!

    ​xo katie // a touch of teal

  10. Oh my gosh– bless you heart, i cannot imagine doing a move right now. You are so brave! I am so excited for you and the arrival of these two precious babies!!!

  11. Thank you for the recommendations! I really need them for our moving. Best regards

  12. Loved reading this. Explaining the why it’s important. Hope yas move went smooth! And yay to new beginnings as a family
    Erika ortega recently posted…WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR DIAPER BAGMy Profile

  13. These are such great tips! We moved recently and had taken the kids to the house before we moved in. They had fun that day as I guess they felt like they were part of the decision-making. Good luck on your move!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma
    Belle recently posted…Stripes + Denim OverallsMy Profile

  14. These are great tips! Moving is so hard!
    Jessica Peresta recently posted…3 Fun Ways Piano Student’s can Practice Curving their FingersMy Profile

  15. Great tips! We have never moved, but if we do I will be using all this advice!

  16. These are great tips! Our son was still very young when we moved but he loved helping to pack and unpack

  17. We moved around this time last year and I had found out the day before that I was pregnant, with a beautiful “oops” baby. We had a buffer in between living with Nonni and Papa, which I think helped my little one’s cope. They got to hold onto their most special items and it felt like we were on vacation, but my oldest still shares memories.

  18. Congrats on your new home! Good luck with your new move! When we have moved we try to do it during the summer or vacation time to make it easier on the kid’s school year.
    Theresa (@DearCreatives) recently posted…Spring Cleaning Tips And Cleaning Supplies To Make Your Home Sparkle! Plus Free Spring Cleaning ChecklistMy Profile

  19. Thanks for the tips. We will likely be moving later this year, and I definitely need to log these ideas away.

  20. The last time we moved was 6 years ago and my oldest two were toddlers. It wasn’t too bad. I let them help pack which moved things along faster. However they had more fun taking stuff out as I was packing behind my back.

  21. Moving can be so tough, especially if it’s a big move! Our last move was very emotional to my daughter, but she was so happy when we got to our new home.

  22. We moved with my kids when they were a bit younger. Luckily, it was within the same town, but it was still stressful. We tried to involve them as much as possible.

  23. We may be moving once in the coming years with kids. These are great tips!

  24. These are great tips. I feel that a lot of the frustration kids feel is because they aren’t prepared or don’t understand what is going on.

  25. These are such great tips! We move often and last time we had movers come pack everything!

  26. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Great tips! I remember moving when my then two kids were 4 and 1. It was quite the experience! Now, if I had to move with three teenagers, I’d rather just not! LOL

  28. I love the idea of letting them do somethings to remember their old house. Great tips!

  29. Great tips here! When we moved it was a challenge to get my daughter to let us pack her things. She just didn’t understand the whole moving concept lol…

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