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A few months back, I did a review on the original frank Coffee Scrub and the results that I achieved from it in terms of helping fade stretch marks. You can click on the link above to check out what I thought, but in short, it was freaking amazing. I got some great results with it.

I decided to purchase and try out the frank Cacao Scrub, which is similar to the original coffee scrub in what you can use it for, but the ingredients vary and I found different results with this particular scrub.

frank Cacao Coffee Scrub Review

frank coffee cacao scrub

The claims for this scrub are that it will scrub away dry skin, cleanse and clarify skin, tone and refine, as well as soothe and moisturize.

It contains plenty of good ingredients for the skin such as almond oil, vitamin E, , cacao powder and extract, macadamia seed oil and it also contains other goodies such as sea salt, coffee, brown sugar and walnut.

I’ll start off by saying you will want to eat this, but obviously don’t do that. It smells exactly like a chocolate covered coffee bean. So amazing!

frank cacao scrub



I found this scrub to be a little but more gentle than the original coffee scrub. I think because it has more of the brown sugar and cacao powder then it does coffee, so the actually scrubbing action is slightly less rough than the original. I prefer really rough exfoliants and scrubs, but this one was still up to my standards. It would be great for those of you that like a little bit “less scrub” in your scrubs… you get it. πŸ™‚

frank Body Results

This one works the best when you are trying to get rid of any dry patches or unwanted bumps, like those chicken-skin bumps that randomly appear on the backs of your arms. Use this scrub a few times, and they will be GONE! It will clean and clarify that area right up!

I also have really dry skin on my legs, especially with rapid weather changes and they can get quite itchy because of this. I used this two times in a week on my legs and they felt a million times better. No more itching or flaking.

I can’t really comment on the toning nature of this scrub, not like the original. Although, it does leave my skin feeling extremely smooth and moisturized. Because of that, it takes on the appearance of being more tight and toned.

This does not have the same effect on stretch marks as the original, although it has kept them faded still and brings moisture back into those areas of my skin where I do have stretch marks.

I have been using it 1-2 times a week as advised. I have never had any bad reaction from this scrub, although I noticed a few red bumps on my legs after using it. But they went away within a day. I have a feeling that if I washed with a regular body wash and then used the scrub this wouldn’t happen. It seemed like a clogged pore situation.

I use it on my face once a week as well. I don’t find I need to use any extra lotion after I use this because my skin feels hydrated.

Overall, this is a great scrub, just like the original. It has natural and safe ingredients and it is so versatile in its uses. I would say it is best for dry skin and clarifying problem areas/bumps on the skin.

I prefer the original over this one, only because I saw such great results in terms of my stretch marks and toning my skin.

As soon as this one isΒ  used up, I will purchase the last and final type of scrub that they have… this one will have coconut oil! I bet it’ll be amazing, because pretty much anything with coconut oil is. Let me know in the comments if you would like a review on that one as well:)

If you want to try out this product, or one of the other two scrubs from the line, you can do so here.


*Cheers to getting dirty, getting clean and getting smooth*

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Disclaimer: This review and all the opinions are my own. It is not sponsored in any way. I purchased the product on my own and was not contacted by anyone from this company to review it.

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  1. I was really excited to try this product just like everyone else, but I have to throw a heads up out there. If you are even close to the border on whether or not to get the original or more sensitive coconut formula, go coconut. After my first scrub (original formula) I felt A LOT softer, but after my second use I broke out with tiny red bumps ALL OVER my torso. I reached out to Franks customer care to see if I could exchange my product for the sensitive solution and offered to pay the price difference and shipping, and was somewhat rudely shot down. Instead of offering to help find a solution or even apologizing for that matter, the rep told me they do insist on doing a test patch, and do not offer any exchanges or refunds on open product. I realize Franks popularity is sky rocketing and they’ve been in business a short amount of time.. but that refund/exchange policy lost me as a customer. I live and breathe customer service, and this is some of the worst I’ve had in a while. I would consider it not standing by your product, and not aiming for customer satisfaction. They don’t test on animals, but they do charge $15 for non-returnable coffee grounds. I’d mix this stuff up myself if I had more time on a weekly basis. Sad that this company is money hungry.

    1. That’s unfortunate that you had such a terrible experience. I have not had any issues with their customer service. I broke out in those little red bumps using the Cacao Scrub that they have, although I finished almost all of it for review purposes. I really loved the coconut scrub and it is my favorite as of now. I actually didn’t know it was for more sensitive skin, but that makes more sense now why it works better. Sorry again that you had such a bad time with them!

    2. I’ve had the same problem with the original scrub! First couple of times I tried it , my skin was fine but then the next time I used it I broke out in little red bumps as well all over my hips and arms , my legs were just fine. So now I only ever use it on my legs although I primarily bought it for my back and arm skin. I’m so hesitant now though to try it in those areas again ugh. I sent them an email about it but ran into a similar issue , they did apologize for the inconvinience but did not help me at all. I hope the coconut scrub will work better, I do love the concept of their products.

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