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About 2 months ago, I did a post for my own results and review of frank Body Scrub and all of its wonderful benefits like helping to tone skin and reduce the appearances of stretch marks and cellulite.

I finished up my package of frank Scrub about three weeks ago. Don’t worry, I have another on the way of the coffee cacao scrubπŸ™‚ (Comment below if you want a review of this as well) The bag of scrub was only $14.95 for the original, and it lasted me three months using it twice a week.

I have heard and seen some talk about whether or not your stretch marks come back or the results that frank achieve disappear after you stop using it.

Let me tell you, thank goodness, they DON”T! The fantastic things that frank Scrub does are here to stay.

Here is a before, during and after post from when I started using frank, a little over half way through the bag, until right now.








These pictures do not even do the results justice. As I hope you can tell, my stretch marks have literally diminished visibility by like 80% . They have stayed the same for the last three weeks ever since I stopped using the scrub. I also don’t notice any change in the tightness of my skin or any loss of elasticity. And ladies, you should the result it has on the upper thigh cellulite that is like the plague to women… it is AMAZING!

I can’t wait to try the cacao and coffee scrub and see what wonders it does!

Have any of you tried the frank Scrub and gotten some great results? What are your other thoughts on it?

*Cheers to rubbing and scrubbing those unwanted issues away*


*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are 100% my very own:)*

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