Eyebrow Microblading: Everything You Need To Know

Do you ever just decide to do something because everyone else is doing it? No, me neither… However, when I saw eyebrow microblading popping up everywhere I looked, I knew it was something that I wanted to look into. Not because everyone else was doing it, but because I have really light, sparse brows naturally and I hate doing them everyday!Everything that you need to know, video and photos included, about eyebrow microblading. Before and after photos also!

I was really excited to partner with Relax, Breathe, and Heal spa in Tempe, AZΒ to get this done. Michelle is so sweet, professional, and she does amazing work in permanent makeup, as well as many other services.

If you are thinking about getting eyebrow microblading, or have seen it around and wondered about it, this post is for you! I have put together everything you need to know about microblading, with my own personal experience and a video included.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup. Through a manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin on the brow, the professional creates the desired fullness and shape that you want in your brows.

The professional uses a scalpel type tool to make small strokes, as well as a micro needle gun to add in shading when necessary. First off, your brows are cleaned and exfoliated to make sure that the area is clear of any excess makeup or dryness.

Then, you are matched with the color of dye for your brows. The shades typically lighten up between 20-30% from what you see below. We went with a combination of the far left and the far light shades. I wanted mine to look similar to my natural brow color, so that when I wasn’t wearing makeup, it didn’t look like I had two completely different hair colors happening on my brows.

This is also when the numbing cream is placed, so that you are pretty much numb the entire time during the microblading portion.

Everything that you need to know, video and photos included, about eyebrow microblading. Before and after photos also!

After they were pretty numb, it was time to draw them on to get the shape. This part took the longest, because you want it to be perfect and exactly how you want your brows to look! Whatever the shape is will be the outlined that is used to do the eyebrow microblading. Michelle erased and re-drew, erased and thinned out, erased and re-drew again… until they were the exact shape and size that I wanted.

Everything that you need to know, video and photos included, about eyebrow microblading. Before and after photos also!

Then came the time to start the microblading and shading. I was pretty much numb, so the eyebrow microblading part didn’t feel like anything but pressure. I could hear the blade, which sounds like a scraping sound, but I didn’t feel it. When she was using the needle for shading, I felt that more. It didn’t hurt too badly, not nearly as bad as getting a tattoo for instance. However, it did have that similar type of feeling.

On a pain scale, I would give it maybe a 3/10 at some points. It is much less intense than I thought it was going to be. As far as the healing goes, the swelling goes down in about a day. The color gets darker over the first three days or so, and then it begins to fade to the shade that it will stay in.
Everything that you need to know, video and photos included, about eyebrow microblading. Before and after photos also!

The picture above was right before my last round of touch ups before I finished. I am absolutely in love with the results and how my brows look! You go back in about 6-8 for touch ups, as the blading points will heal and some will scab over and not stay. The touch up will fill any in gaps from the healing or spots that may have been missed.

Head over to our Youtube channel to watch a full video of the process—->

Check out Michelle at Relax, Breathe, and Heal on Facebook or their website for more information! If you are in the Arizona (or surrounding) area, I highly suggest going to her for this.

*Cheers to doing things that make us feel good about ourselves*

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  1. Thanks for this love, i’ve been contemplating getting micro blading done for a while and I wasn’t really sure how it all worked so this has cleared a lot of things up!! They look a-mazing, so natural!


  2. This has been on my wish list for so long!! My pain threshold is a little low though. And that’s really the only thing stopping me. 3/10? Hmmmm…..gotta think about that! The end result is amazing though. So maybe I should just do it!

  3. My eyebrows hurt and get so red after a waxing that I can’t even imagine doing this. I did the threading once too and tears just streamed down my cheeks the whole time. I do like that you can pick your shape as I LOVE a big arch in mine and it is hard to perfect.

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