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30 Before 30 Bucket List RECAP

Another birthday is in the books, and one year closer to reaching my the end of my “30 before 30” bucket list ideas. I wanted to recap to see what I have gotten accomplished off of my bucket list within the last year.

Want to join in? Make your own bucket list with me! It doesn’t have to be a “30 before 30” list, but give yourself at least 10 things that you want to do in a set number of years so that you have a time to accomplish all of the memories you want to make:) It’s a great way to set achievable adventures goals for yourself, and also gives you a lot to look forward to.

The new items will be checked off in blue and the ones I had previously completed are in red. Make sure you are subscribed to the email list (right hand side of this page) so that you don’t miss out on those updates. I want to hear about your lists as well!

Also, check out our holiday bucket list here!

Bucket List Ideas

1. Become a mom to four beautiful children (Check) 

2. Complete my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling (coming in 2017!!!)

3. Travel with my family

4. Purchase and redo an old colonial or Victorian style home on the East Coast.

5. Decorate the above house “Gone With The Wind” style. How gorgeous would that be!

6. FINALLY take a honeymoon with my husband

7. Work in the counseling field. 

8. Start up and build up a successful business in partnership with my husband

9. Successfully build my blog into a fully profitable business (I am giving this a half completion)

10. Take a road trip across the country, stopping at all of the fun “must see” tourist attractions

11. Take a professional makeup artists class

12. Write a book geared towards women/moms

13. Go wine tasting in Napa

14. See 90% of my family within one year… they are all spread out. 

15. Try wine from every state that makes their own wine

16. Grow my YouTube channel through posting motivational videos for women and fun makeup tutorials

17. Live in Virginia

18. Do something way outside of my comfort zone. (Boudoir shoot for the win!)

19. Attend three blogging conferences (1 Down, 2 to go!) 

20. Meet some of the bloggers I have become friends with in person

21. Read the entire Bible through study and thorough reading.

22. Create a collaborate blog for women with other fabulous bloggers (Check out Strong Girl Collective!:))

23. Grow into a fully advanced yogi

24. Create my own bottle of wine

25. Create a store specifically for “Motherhood and Merlot” gear (Ohh… 2017 perhaps?)

26. Get all of my family together in the same place again (family reunion or holiday maybe)

27. Be in the best shape of my life (6 pack status!)

28. Go way, way , way over the top with Christmas decorations one year (it’s my favorite holiday)

29. Throw a ridiculous 30th birthday party

30. Watch my children smile and enjoy their lives each and every one of these years.

What’s on your bucket list?

*Cheers to making bucket lists, and actually getting to check off all of the things we want to do*

joanna at motherhood and merlot


  1. Great list and good luck! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Greece with 4 kids!!!
    Kristen recently posted…Parenting is All About PerspectiveMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the idea of creating a new bucket list. I haven’t made one in a while. Hope your having a great last few days of Sept! How did we get to here so quickly??
    Theresa @DearCreatives recently posted…Craft Books: Paper Jewelry Handmade Jewelry DIYsMy Profile

  3. I love your list and many of your goals are also on my own list (in my head!)

  4. I just made mine back in August when it suddenly hit me that I’m going to be 30 (!?!) next year. I know that there are tons of these lists out there but I think that it’s awesome that we make goals in our personal lives!

    I’d love for you to check out mine! http://www.alittledailyhappiness.com/my-30-by-30-list/

    Katy recently posted…Lovely LinksMy Profile

  5. Great list I love the travel I’m not so sure about the 4 kids lol I have 2 boys
    lindi mogale recently posted…For the love of an elegant and modest dressMy Profile

  6. Such a great list!! #30 is most important 🙂
    Lindsay AFM recently posted…Free Printable Foil Recipe CardsMy Profile

  7. Love your bucket list! How cool would it be to create your very own bottle of wine!

  8. Awesome list! I actually have a list of 30 things I want to do before my 30’s end….so in the one year before I hit the big 4-0. Looking forward to watching you complete you list!
    Shann Eva recently posted…Twins’ Favorites TuesdayMy Profile

  9. I love your list so much! And I can’t wait till you decorate your house “Gone with the Wind” style as I’m hoping you document it in you blog. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies. Loved reading this, and thoroughly enjoyed reading the goals you have set for yourself as a mom, a wife, and a writer.

  10. Loved your bucket list! I’ve never done one – at least I’ve never done a hard copy of a list. Mine is more ideas of what I’d like to do and become that I keep track of mentally. I see you’ve got several travel destinations on your list. One of my goals is to live abroad for 6 months every year at maybe 2-3 different places. Thanks!
    Carol recently posted…Warning: The Air In Your Home Isn’t Healthy! Four Ways to Fix ItMy Profile

  11. Have you heard of https://dayzeroproject.com/? Great place for a bucket list! I’ve been using that site for years. 🙂
    Kayleigh @ Sugar in My Texas Tea recently posted…Texas TuesdayMy Profile

  12. I absolutely love this list! I’d also love to visit Greece and Italy and my small group at church just started a new study through the Bible and we’re loving it!
    Julie @ Girl on the Move recently posted…GOTM Blogging NewsletterMy Profile

  13. Oh man, I have less than a year to 30 so my list better be short and sweet 🙂 I might be better off doing a 50 before 50 list! Go you for wanting to home school! I don’t have the patience for it but it does allow for more travel time with the family and we love to do that as well. Good luck on your list (and def. go see Italy – It is AMAZING!!!)

  14. This is a great idea. I’ve been meaning to make my own bucket list for a while now but it just hasn’t been a priority. I think it’s great to set some goals that you can track over a period of time. Thanks for the idea! I’ll be thinking & posting mine soon 🙂
    Rashida recently posted…Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone + I’m on Periscope!My Profile

  15. What an awesome bucket list. I need to do the same.

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