Best Gifts for Wine Lovers and Beer Drinkers

Welcome to Day 3 of Blogmas! I have been loving all of the interaction and feedback so far, and we have barely even started:) Today, each of the 12 bloggers on the Blogmas team are sharing different types of niche gift guides for everyone on your list. We have everything from wine lovers, to foodies, to athletes and more! This guide features, what I would say, are some of the best gifts for wine lovers and beer drinkers out there.

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Find some great ideas on the best gifts for wine lovers and beer drinkers, including some amazing food items to pair with them.STANDARD FTC DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. Please note that I only endorse products that fit with Motherhood and Merlot and what I believe would be of value to my readers. Thank you for your continued support!

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers


  • White Wipes: White Wipes are simple, yet durable, disposable wipe that you swipe over your teeth to collect stains. They have a great minty flavor, which is bonus because white teeth and fresh breath it a win! They are small enough to throw in your wallet, purse, car, or pocket. You never know when you might enjoy a black coffee, dark soda, or a glass of red wine, and no one wants to finish out their day with teeth staining. These are super inexpensive, and you can even get White Wipes – Teeth Whitening Wipes Designed for Coffee and Red Wine Lovers from Amazon. Seriously, try them out. They are awesome and would make a great stocking stuffer. If you are a coffee lover or a red wine drinker, you need to try white wipes! The best and easiest way to remove teeth stains.
  • Wine Subscription from Gold Medal Wine Club: You had to expect this one from me, right? 🙂 Anyone who knows me, knows that I love wine. Most of the ladies I know, enjoy a glass of wine too! This is the perfect gift for those ladies (and guys) on your list that love to try out a lot of different types of wine, but don’t like to take multiple trips to the store for them. Obviously, wine subscriptions are always going to be a wine for a wine lover. If you want to give someone a bottle of wine, check out this list of my favorite wines to give as gifts. gold-medal-gift
  • The Original Craft Beer Club Subscription: This is a must have for the person in your life who loves a good beer. With this subscription, you can choose how long you want the service for, how you want to be billed, how often you want to receive the beer, etc… Whoever you purchase this for will get 12 beers shipped to their door monthly, every other month, or quarterly. It will be four completely different 12 ounce beers, with three of each type of beer included. There is a ton of information that comes with it on the beers, as well as recipes and pairings that would go well with each one specifically.IMG_7227

You can’t forget about the food pairings for those wine and beer lovers too.

  • Bright Cellars Cheese Experience: Bright Cellars is the monthly cheese club that matches you with cheese that you’ll love. At Bright Cellars, they are making premium Wisconsin cheeses, some of the best in the world, accessible to everyone. The staff there do their best to source on a small scale, personally contacting farmers and cheesemakers throughout the state of Wisconsin and bringing their cheeses to the masses! I wrote a post about the Bright Cellars wine subscription, and this cheese experience matches perfectly with that! You can get a subscription for the wine lover in your life (or yourself) as a gift, and then they take a quiz to match them with their “cheese tastes”. You get sent four different types of cheese that fit your flavor profile, and they send different types each month. The cheese that I sampled in my monthly box was AMAZING, especially the spread. Oh my goodness, I won’t lie… I ate the entire tub! Take the quiz and get 50% off of your first box hereimg_6473
  • Fuego Box: Do you have a beer drinker who love to pair his or her cold one with something spicy? Fuego Box wants to bring emerging hot sauces that you’ve probably never heard of to your hot sauce shelf (you have one, right?). Their focus is always on flavor over ‘ass-burning heat’ and they avoid gimmicky hot sauces like the plague. You can order a lot of different subscription packages,  or you can just purchase one of their hot sauce finds directly from their store. The boxes are all unique, and you can choose from different levels of spice, so that they send you sauces that you will actually use. If you are a hot sauce lover, or want to gift a subscription of these, or split them a part for stocking stuffers, Fuego Box is the way to go! hot-sauce-476

Want to surprise the alcohol connoisseur in your life with something really fun? Give them a kit to make their own blend!

  • Mulled Wine KitMulled Wine Brewing Kit  includes everything you need to create your own custom blend spice satchels. Its perfect for entertaining during the holidays, and makes plenty of mulled red wine, white wine, cider, or spiced hot chocolate. The kit includes 9 spices to mix & match, 5 disposable drawstring spice satchels, and of course beautiful step by step instructions and recipes. Try something like star anise and cinnamon in your hard cider, or orange clove and spice with your red wine. YUM! The kits ship for free domestically.  There are so many different options to mix and match to make the perfect wine or cider infusion. Use the code motherhood&merlot for 20% off of your order! You can get it for yourself or as a gift here. Find some great ideas on the best gifts for wine lovers and beer drinkers, including some amazing food items to pair with them.

What are your favorite gifts to give to wine lovers and beer drinkers?

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  1. Monthly clubs are such a great idea! I don’t ever buy it for myself, but if someone buys it for me, it’s AWESOME! I definitely want both the Wine and Cheese of the Months! Hint Hint.

  2. Wow! these are really awesome gift ideas. I really appreciate you for posting a great article. Rather, I would love brewing beer at home and finding best brew kit reviews. Although, these wine and beer gift ideas are too good. Thanks for making an amazing post….

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